Final Blog Tour Today: No More Continuings!



So the great John F.D. Taff blog tour ends today, as the train pulls into the station at The Horror Bookshelf.  If you’re not completely sick of hearing and reading about me, and who could blame you, then head on over and get some insight into the five novellas that make up The End in All Beginnings!

And thanks for following this blog tour, it was a blast.  Thanks also to everyone who hosted me:  the fine folks at the Ginger Nuts of Horror, Horror News, Buy Zombie, Horror Addicts, Hellnotes, and, of course, The Horror Bookshelf.

Sold Two Stories This Week!

So, in addition to my story, “Some Other Day,” which will appear in Grey Matter Press’ Death’s Realm, coming out right after the first of the year, I just sold another story to those fine, fine people at Grey Matter.  This one, “That Song You Can’t Get Out of Your Head,” will appear in their antho Savage Beasts sometime later next year.  This one will feature stories influenced by music, and mine is…well…mine is something I can’t even talk about without giving away the ooky premise.  I think you might like it.

I also was approached by the publishers of an upcoming antho called Our World of Horror, who bought up an older story of mine called “The Projector.”  I don’t have a lot of information yet on this book, haven’t received the actual contract yet (Gee, I hope it’s OK to discuss…), but when I do have that information, I’ll pass it along.

Other irons in the fire, too. An announcement soon about another project with Grey Matter, perhaps the appearance of the oft-mentioned Infestation…and who knows? Perhaps some other stuff I’m withholding right now.

Blog Tour: Still Continueding!


The blog tour stops today, very near the end, at Hellnotes.  Go over and take a peek at the wonderful things I had to say, whilst I will remain here sipping Theraflu and waiting for my head to explode ala Scanners, with, of course, less blood and more snot.


The Continuation of the Blog Tour Continues….Ummm…Continuing!



So, the blog tour continues again today with a guest posting on the Horroraddicts blog.  There, in honor of NaNoWriMo, share some advice on how writers can become authors.  Because, as you can see, I am all over that shit.  Heh…

Anyway, check it out!

P.S.  You might notice, unless they have since corrected it, that my name is misspelled in the title.  Sigh.  No, I am not related (except very, very distantly) to President Taft.  It’s TAFF, with two “Fs.”  I fear Tony may have a nervous breakdown by the time this blog tour is over.

Blog Tour Continues + Another Great Review for The End in All Beginnings!


The blog tour continues today with a guest posting by me over at BuyZombie. Take a look.

And another great review for The End in All Beginnings, this one at the venerable sf/f review site, Tangent.  Go there and read the entire review.  The message was relayed to my publisher that the reviewer “loved the fuck out of it.”  Hah.  Wish that could have been in the actual review.

Oh, and a reminder…my HORRORSTAR contest is still on like Donkey Kong!  Buy the book, review it on Amazon, post a link either here or on Grey Matter Press’ FB page, and you can win some wonderful prizes, including the grand prize of being featured as an actual character in my upcoming novel The Fearing!

A Fantastic Review for The End in All Beginnings



So got a great review this morning from Brian Kirk, a blogger and horror author.  It’s pretty sweet.  Here’s a snippet:

“There is one word that sums up why this collection of novellas made it on my recommended reading list: craftsmanship.

No, fuck that. Throw fresh, fun, entertaining, and memorable in there, too.

But, craftsmanship comes to mind first.”

And that’s just the opening.  Go here to read the rest!

Wanna get a copy of your very own?  Click here.


Here’s A Great Thing You Can Do to Support Me, Horror and ALL OF MANKIND!!!

Ok, that last bit might have been overblown.  But here’s something cool you can do to support the first two (me and the Horror Writers Association), while still benefitting you.

What is it?  Well, to completely save time by cutting and pasting from the HWA’s FB page:

“Dear readers, I appreciate your support for my tales. So much so I want you to win a Kindle or a Kobo ereader or a gift card. All you have to do to enter is to post a ‘selfie’ or photo of yourself holding your favorite of my books to; and then encourage your friends to comment on the photo. When your photo appears you are provided with a page you can share on major social networks at the click of a button.

If you are already on don’t worry, you’re allowed multiple entries. Good luck!”

So, how’s that?  All you gotta do is post a selfie holding one of my books–The End in All Beginnings, Little Deaths, The Bell Witch, Kill/Off. How easy can that be?

So go ahead already and do it.  And if you want to, posting them here at my site in the comments section would be cool, too.


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