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My Baby Ain’t My Baby No More*

My youngest, Molly, turns 13 on Saturday, Oct. 1.

Happy birthday, Widget!  I love you more than you can know!


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*  Well, actually she is and always will be.

No, It’s Not.

Sick.  Cold.  This is what I feel like today.

The Girl I Knew Somewhere

I love this song.  My favorite of the Monkees.  Video is from the show. Bonus:  Julie Newmar…meow!

Happy Birthday, Snick!

My second son, Samuel Taylor, turns 18 today.  He’s big football playing boy, but really just an old softy.  I love him tremendously, and am tremendously proud of him.

Happy birthday, Snick!


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Another Good Review for Child of Dirt gave my story, “Child of Dirt,” a good review.

“Rosemary’s Baby meets Alien in this unsettling tale of a Dad who finds it hard to bond with his new baby. If you’re considering having a child, it’s probably best if you give this story a miss – it’ll put you right off.”

“Child of Dirt” appears in One Buck Horror #3, attractively priced at just 99 cents.  It can be purchased here.  Enjoy!

A New Story…From Me to Ireland and Back

Here’s the finished cover for an Irish anthology from Aeon Press.  It’s called Box of Delights, and it will be out in the next couple of weeks.  It features a short of mine entitled “Box of Rocks,” which is a nasty little psychological story of mine.  I even made the cover!  (Well, OK, probably all the authors made the cover.)

I’ll post links to purchase and price as soon as it becomes available.


This Book. 99 Cents.

I’m in it with a story entitled, “Cold Calls.”

It’s a cool collection of vampire stories…but…ummm…good ones.

And for a limited time, it’s on sale for Kindle for just .99 cents.

2,000 Hits!

So, here it is, about eight months in, and I’ve amassed 2,000 hits.  Probably mostly:

  1. My girlfriend, Debbie.  Thanks, Babe!
  2. People looking for funny pug pics.
  3. People who have stumbled onto the site for god only knows what reason.

Thanks to all you stragglers who made 2,000 hits possible.  I look forward to another 2,000 hits.

Until then, here’s a picture of a driving pug.  Sometimes I can’t believe I am a horror writer…sigh…

A Nice Review…

My story, “Child of Dirt,” which appears in One Buck Horror #3, got a nice review.  Here it is:

“My favorite out of the 6 stories is “Child of Dirt” by John F.D. Taff, about a man who’d be smart to ask for a paternity test when his girlfriend tells him she’s pregnant. There’s a “Rosemary’s Baby” feel to Taff’s story. It leaves the reader screaming to the main character “It’s not yours!” and wishing he’d run for the hills. It left some very creepy, haunting visuals and had excellent character development.”

Thanks, Amazon Reviewer Julie…whom, by the way, I don’t know nor have I paid.

One Buck Horror is available for just .99 cents here:

Pug Poised to Win Major Award

No, not a fancy leg lamp.  Even better.  Each year, Veterinary Pet Insurance, which offers…ummm…pet insurance…gives out an award for the most unusual disbursement of insurance funds to a pet injury.  Fun times!

To be fair, the injuries tend to be on the comical side, and the insurance money does tend to save the pets in question.  No one wants to present a major award to a dead pet. Fun times!

So, who’s up this year?  How about a wily pug named Harley who had the sincere lack of brains to eat 100 rocks and the equally inconvenient digestive system not to be be able to poop them out.  Haha!  Looks like Harley is poised to actually win this award, even beating out a terrier who bit an actual chainsaw blade…while it was running!  Good dog!  Err…bad dog!

Harley ended up in the emergency room, where, given some medication that I would seriously like to have on hand here at the house, he pooped out the rocks with no surgery required.  Evidently not even an episiotomy.  100 of them.  Rocks.  Out of a pug’s butt.  Ouch.

Here’s the little genius in question:

Hail, Harley!  Your pug cousins salute you on this important win for pugkind!


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