Garden of Fiends Sprouts!


OK, that headline might have been too clever by half, but Wicked Run Press’ new anthology is available now.  Garden of Fiends features eight stories of addiction horror, from heroin to alcohol and everything in between.  The line up is pretty cool, featuring stories by Kealan Patrick Burke, Jack Ketchum, Mark Matthews and…me!  My offering, “Last Call,” is a short one, but hopefully packs a punch.


Go get it here.



Here are what some are already saying about Garden of Fiends:

“There’s something here to scare anyone and everyone. Garden of Fiends pushes all the wrong buttons in all the right ways!”  -Jonathan Maberry, New York Times best-selling author of Dogs of War and Mars One

Garden of Fiends is scary in the realest of ways. What fertile ground for horror; stories that already, by nature, take place in the Twilight Zone; where lies and shady acts are the rule; where men and women step out of one world and into another; a place where addiction is king. John FD Taff’s ‘Last Call’ is worth the price of admission alone.”  -Josh Malerman, Bram Stoker nominated author of Bird Box

“A brilliant and original concept, Garden of Fiends captures the struggles of addiction and the horrors they inflict on those affected by it. Yes, it is dark and visceral, but with moments of hope throughout that make this a memorable collection of stories.”  -The Horror Bookshelf

Garden of Fiends brings us face-to-face with the demons driving us to dependence. Raw, brutal and insightful, Garden of Fiends is an important work.” -Lee Murray, author of Into the Mist

“An unflinching and intense look at addiction and its consequences, from some of the best horror writers in the business.” -Char’s Horror Corner

“An incredibly fascinating and at times grim read. These are dark tales set against a backdrop of fear, addiction and self-loathing where families are ripped apart and relationships are left in tatters. Some of these stories will infect your conscious, burying themselves deep inside of your mind, leaving you scarred and itching to read more.” -Adrian Shotbolt, The Grim Reader

“Every offering drips with truth, blending tales of horror and addiction into an emotionally draining, yet essential experience.” -Ben Walker, UK Horror Scene


Behold! I’m in Behold!


So, I dunno if you’ve seen the Facebook announcement, but Doug Murano has accepted a story of mine for his next anthology project, Behold!  Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders, coming out from Crystal Lake this July.  They’ve already announced stories from Kristi DeMeester, Erinn Kemper and Ramsey Campbell, and that’s just a start. There are more BIG announcements coming for this book, as well as some fantastic illustrations by Luke Spooner.  (I’ve seen the one for my story…it’s phenomenal.)

My story is entitled “A Ware That Will Not Keep,” and involves the Holocaust, a Golem and very regretful grandfather. It’s one I’m particularly proud of, so I’m excited to see it presented in such a cool antho.

I’ve also got a story, “Shug,” in Doug’s and David Alex Ward’s Shadows Over Main Street 2, and “Last Call” in Mark Matthews’ upcoming Garden of Fiends.

I’m waiting on a literal signing on the dotted line to announce some other big projects, so keep watching.  Gonna be a big year!




Oh…and 2 More Notes…

First, a WIP update.

The Fearing has crested 500 pages and 127,000 words.  Closing in on the closing in…


My good friend and ace weirdo Erik T. Johnson (The “T” is for “The”) has his first collection of stories, Yes Trespassing, coming out at the upcoming StokerCon in Long Beach in April. The book is edited by Michael Bailey and released under his Written Backwards imprint of Dark .  It features a slew of short stories and one novella…and an intro by me, Al Franken.  NO!  I mean, me, John F.D. Taff, who was incredibly honored to be allowed to write the intro for this book.  Been a fan of Erik’s since I first got to know him more than a decade ago, so I’ve been waiting for this book for a long, long time.  More news as I get it, but be on the lookout for this one.

Garden of Fiends Up for Pre-Sale!


Mark Matthews, author and editor of the forthcoming anthology Garden of Fiends, has begun the pre-sale of this volume.  And he’s got a cool little promo running right now to entice you.

If you order now, not only do you get your copy at a discount but…

The first 25 readers who send a receipt confirming a pre-sale purchase of Garden of Fiends to will win the kindle book of their choosing written by any author on the Garden of Fiends table of contents. Yep, don’t wait for April, read from the table of contents TODAY.

Lemme break this down:

1. Purchase Garden of Fiends on Amazon presale (currently at a discounted price.)

2. Choose from one the books listed below written by authors appearing on the table of contents

3. Email your Garden of Fiends’ purchase receipt along with your choice of one of the books below to and…

Bamn! If you’re one of the first 25 you’ll receive an amazon voucher right back for a free kindle download of your chosen book.

(And, pssst… if you’re not one of the first 25 who email, I can still promise something extra.)

Here are your choices:

Jack Ketchum
The Girl Next Door
Off Season
Peaceable Kingdom
The Woman

Kealan Patrick Burke
Sour Candy
Secret Faces
The Turtle Boy

Jessica McHugh
The Train Derails in Boston
The Green Kangaroos
Rabbits in the Garden

John FD Taff
The Desolated Orchard
I Can Taste the Blood
The End in All Beginnings

Max Booth III
How to Successfully Kidnap Strangers
Lost Signals
American Nightmare

Johann Thorrsson
Not Your Average Monster: Volume 2

Glen Krisch
Where Darkness Dwells
The Hollowed Land
The Nightmare Within

Mark Matthews
All Smoke Rises
Lilly’s Tale: The Milk-Blood Trilogy
On the Lips of Children
(Don’t see a book by one of these authors on the list? please inquire within)

Isn’t this great?  BUY THIS BOOK!


Okay, as the world continues to smolder, I have some major announcements to make regarding my work.  (Sorry, world.  YAY ME!)

First, my WIP novel, The Fearing, is nearing completion.  It currently stands at about 481 pages, about 121k words, 35 chapters.  Working on a doozy of a chapter today, should cross over 500 pages by tonight.  Only about 150ish pages to go.  Long?  Yes.  Apocalyptic?  Yes.  In a way you haven’t seen before?  YES!

Next:  I have a story appearing this spring in Mark Matthew’s anthology Garden of Fiends.  Mark is a talented guy, if you haven’t read On the Lips of Children, Milk-Blood or All Smoke Rises…make it so!


Great cover, and there I am, with Jack Ketchum and Kealan Patrick Burke.  Yowza.  My story, “Last Call,” is an almost 20-year-old one, languishing away because it couldn’t find a home.  But it seems tailor-made for this anthology.

Next up, if you haven’t heard, I have story in Doug Murano and D. Alex Ward’s Shadows Over Main Street 2, the follow up to their hit Lovecraftian book.  This one will be out later this year, and features authors like Joe Lansdale (!) and Joyce Carol Oates (!!).  My story, “Shug,” is a longer one, a quasi-novella or really long short story, set in the post-WWII American heartland.

Interesting thing about this story.  Once I finished it, I had a weird, synchronicity-type of realization.  The main character of this story, a woman named Vesta, is actually connected to the main character, Merle, in my novella that appeared in I Can Taste the Blood.  Can’t give too much away, but reading both (when they’re both out) will inform each other.

I’ve also got a reprint coming out later this year.  Stoker-Award-Winning Editor Eric Guignard is assembling an anthology called The Five Senses of Fear, which will feature stories that deal with the human senses to promote quiet/ thoughtful horror and speculative fiction.  My story, “The Scent,” which originally appeared in my first collection Little Deaths (more on that soon!), will reappear here.  It showcases how the sense of smell is so important.

I’ve got a lot more things that I just can’t talk about as yet, but rest assured, if you, like me, are a fan of John F.D. Taff, then 2017 will be a good, good year.


Thank God

Someone’s finally draining the swamp in Washington, D.C.  Huzzah!


Thank God

We’re safe from Goldman-Sachs and the near collapse of our economy that they orchestrated and profited from.



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