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Chicken Run

So, my delightful girlfriend, Debbie, and I are planting a garden on the expansive grounds of Streett Estates East, here on the banks of the Big River.  We’re plotting the layout, selecting vegetables and buying seeds.  I’d always joked that we would take the “garage” structure on the property, photo below, and make it a chicken coop.  Well, when we bought the first batch of seeds at the feed store, there was a flier for a class on raising chickens.  Excellent.  So, this Friday, we’re going to chicken class to see if this idea is crazy or not.

First the garden, then some chickens, then a goat, and soon we’re living off the grid….

Chicken Coop?


Sylvia Says Huh?



Pug Dog Is Watching You…

The Eagles are Here!

No, not the band…the bald eagles.

One of the great things about living where I do is that it’s right on a river where the bald eagles come to roost every winter and spring.  It’s freaking awesome to be looking out the window while I’m writing and see a majestic bald eagle swoop by or dive t the river for a fish.  It’s hard to get a pic, because as soon as I open the door, camera in hand, they take flight.  But here’s one I got this morning.  Pretty cool.

Snowpocalypse? Yeah….right.

OK, so we did get a lot of ice…but the 15 inches of snow? Meh. More like two or three…at best. So, it’s bad, what with the ice and all, and its frakking cold and windy, but certainly not the Snowpocalypse. You may return to your regularly scheduled weather.

It’s the Snowpocalypse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, we have about 3 inches of ice on the ground…ice, as in sleet falling all night and all day.  Now, the snow is just beginning.  The news says anywhere from 10-15 inches of snow.  In Missouri.  Yikes.

I spent the last hour or so rescuing my older dog, Sylvia, from sailing down the Big River on an iceberg.  Seems she went out and slid down the hill at the back of the property…the one that leads directly to the river.  So, I had to suit up and descend the treacherous slope, treacherous even on a good, iceless day, and rescue her and then figure out a way to get both of us back up the ice-covered slope.

One hour later we’re back inside…and the snow is just starting…blizzard warnings.  I think I’ll keep the dogs inside tonight.

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