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Bigfoot! No, Not the Guy in the Middle…

I went to a meeting of the Society of American Magicians last night, courtesy of the local chapter’s president, my good friend Randy Kalin.  Last night, the guest speaker was Philip Morris, the founder of Morris Costumes.  Other than a 40-year career in ghost and terror shows that toured the country in the ’50s and 60s–and a thriving costumer business–Morris’ claim to fame is that the Bigfoot seen in the famous Patterson footage.  You know the one, we’ve all seen it; Bigfoot lopes through some logs, arms swaying, then turns to give the camera a look before striding off. Yeah, that one.  Well, he claims that the Bigfoot was actually a guy in a costume…one of his costumes purchased by Patterson.

Morris was an interesting speaker.  The costume he brought–umm, well, conveniently claimed to be a reproduction of the alleged costume–was interesting to see first-hand.  The details as he related them were plausible, though in my mind no more or less so than the actual story.  An interesting point that I wasn’t able to ask…Morris brought the suit, the head, the gloves…but no actual feet.

Who knows, could go either way on this one.  Patterson is alleged to have been (he’s dead, of course) a ne’er do well of fairly epic proportions.  And there are aspects of the footage that still seem to defy a hoax explanation.  And it seems strange that this all comes out when there’s no one left alive to confirm or deny.

But it was interesting.  And now for your pleasure, a picture of a man with a Bigfoot suit.

Dog Parade

Forgot to post this.  Last week, was the dog parade down in Soulard.  Deb and I decided to take Sylvia and Sadie down there to march in the parade.  $100 later–new harnesses, registration fee, etc.–we were on our way.

What was it like? Well, imagine 100,000 morons being evacuated on foot from St. Louis.  Now imagine they’re drunk,

too.  Oh, and they’ve each got at least one dog with them.  They’re given no directions, no maps, no instructions of any kind…just told to leave with their dogs…many of which are dressed up.

There you have the dog parade.

Oh well, I can check that off my bucket list.  But here are pics of Sylvia and Sadie at the parade.

I’m Gonna Be in Britain…Well, a Story of Mine Anyway…

Morpheus Tales, a UK horror magazine, bought one of my older (and harder) stories a while back, called “Sharp Edges,” and it will be out April 1.  I think I get an actual copy of this magazine, and you can, I believe, read the story online when it’s out…or pay for printed magazine subscription.  Be warned, though, the story is one of my older and more unpalatable ones…gore…general psychosis, a smattering of sexual content.  Not for the younger.  Or the squeamish.

You can preview it here

And go there April 1st to read the whole thing.  Also, if you go to the home page, you can see I get my name on the cover…something that is becoming increasingly common.  I guess hard work, persistence and age does pay off…eventually.


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