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Happy Birthday, No. 1 Son!

Happy 19th birthday to my first son, Benjamin Harrison Taff or as I call him Harry.

19 years old….ughh….what a way to make me feel old…or well older.

Here’s my son, of whom I am very proud, as the lead in a high school production of the  theatrical version of Some Like It Hot, for which he won a St. Louis metro high school drama award (his second!).  He’s now studying theatre in college down in Springfield.

Happy birthday, Harry!  I love you and am very proud of you!

Funny Damn Commercial…

Exorcise or Exercise…you make the call…


Feeling Better…But Not 100% Yet

Been feeling sick from the infection and…peculiar from the antibiotics.  Debbie came over this weekend and we had a good time.  Well, except for me being a sick cranky ass, that is.  So, apologies to her and I will feel better this week and be a better, more lively boyfriend.

So, we took the pugs on a pugventure today.  A drive through the country to the Sandy Creek Covered Bridge.  It’s a park about 20 minutes south of here, with a rehabilitated covered bridge over a nice little creek.  The pugventure started on a rough note when I forgot the leashes…grrrr…then we found an old leash and improvised with some rope.

Anyway, the pugs loved it, especially the walk through the creek.  Well, Sadie loved that more than Sylvia, to be honest.  But here are some pics for ya.

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Been laid up for a few days in the hospital with a massive staph infection. Many, many, many IV bags full of powerful antibiotics later, I am feeling much better, with a massive hole in my stomach. Suffice it to say that the details of how this hole must be cared for would make for a great horror story.

A New Story is Up for Free

A new story of mine is up at a site called Short Great place to read some free genre fiction.

Go to:


Oh, BTW, the story is called “Calendar Girl.” It’s listed under Crime fiction, which seems strange to me, but whatever…

America…F@#K Yeah!

This movie better be good.  That’s all I have to say….




Here’s a Funny Video…

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