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The Last Story…For a While, At Least…



So, we have come to the last of the 10 shorts I have put up for you to read on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Sigh.

This one is a pretty straightforward, pulpy, ’50s kind of story, with bugs…termites, to be precise.  What if things are continually evolving, sometimes more rapidly than we’d like to believe…and right under our noses.

The title is borrowed, lovingly, from Stephen King’s novella, “Apt Pupil.”

Here’s the link.  Remember, 99 cents, the links to both my Kindle store and Barnes & Noble are in the blogroll to the right.  Enjoy…and thanks!





Sunday is No Day of Rest for Today’s Story

I have a problem with the direction some of the horror world is going in nowadays.  Sparkly vampires?  Teen hunk werewolves?  Ugh.  And I’m not a real fan of torture porn in films, either.  So, what are the old monsters doing these days?  You know, the Count,  the Creature, the Wolf-Man and the Mummy?  Perhaps they’ve died off, seeing that their time has come and gone.

Know what a tontine is?  Well, in its original sense it was a pact between soldiers.  A group of them would get together, kick in some money or something else valuable, say an expensive bottle of wine or champagne that they liberated from some chateau.  The agreement, the tontine, would be that the last of them living would either get the money or drink the bottle to the memory of their comrades.

That’s pretty much all you need to know for this one.  Here’s the link and thanks!

Tomorrow’s Story…Today!




Today’s story may be my most popular one ever.  Originally, all my stuff was up on Fictionwise, a great e-reader site.  During this time, “Omnimpotent” was the single most purchased story…by far.  And well reviewed, too.

Basically what we have here is the gynecologist from Hell…somewhat literally.  The devil’s found a whole new way to get souls, and he seems to be pretty damn successful.  But there’s always a monkey wrench, isn’t there.  This is for adults only, a little sexually explicit, but funny in the end. No, that’s not a typo in the story’s name…read it slowly and you’ll get it.   And, yes,that is a speculum on the story’s cover…

Here’s the link.  Still only 99 cents!

And, again, thanks!


Almost Done…Today’s Story is…

Today’s story, “Orifice,” is for mature audiences.  Yes, it is another erotic horror story, first appearing in Hot Blood:  Fear the Fever, in 1996…I think.  It was awarded an honorable mention in Datlow & Windling’s Best Fantasy and Horror for the year.

The story centers on tattoing, which, when I wrote it at least, was not as prevalent as it is today.  So some of the shock value is lessened somewhat because nowadays wrinkly old grandmothers are getting tattoos.   I remember the shock I had when, at 17, I saw a close friend’s seemingly ancient grandfather shirtless at some family event of theirs.  His skin, scorched the color of old, old, old leather, was inked extensively.  The kicker, though?  Over one nipple was tattooed “Gin” and over the over was tattoed “Whiskey.”  Classy.

Anyway, this story starts with the premise that when you make a hole, something will want to get in…or get out.

Again, sexually explicit, but nowhere near the level of “Just a Phone Call Away.”  Only 99 cents from Amazon, link below, or Barnes & Noble, link over there to the right.




P.S.  The rose depicted in the stylish cover done by my girlfriend, Debbie, refers to the tattoo central to the story.


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