Tomorrow’s Story…Today!




Today’s story may be my most popular one ever.  Originally, all my stuff was up on Fictionwise, a great e-reader site.  During this time, “Omnimpotent” was the single most purchased story…by far.  And well reviewed, too.

Basically what we have here is the gynecologist from Hell…somewhat literally.  The devil’s found a whole new way to get souls, and he seems to be pretty damn successful.  But there’s always a monkey wrench, isn’t there.  This is for adults only, a little sexually explicit, but funny in the end. No, that’s not a typo in the story’s name…read it slowly and you’ll get it.   And, yes,that is a speculum on the story’s cover…

Here’s the link.  Still only 99 cents!

And, again, thanks!



About John F.D. Taff

John F.D. Taff is a writer, published author, raconteur and wrangler of angry stoats. He has more than 80 short stories and 7 novels published. He lives in the great, unspoiled vastness of the Midwest. He has a tremendous wife named Debbie, three pugs, Sadie, Tovah and Muriel, and three great kids--Harry, Sam and Molly. View all posts by John F.D. Taff

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