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Go Green…or Else…

I hated this cartoon.  Stupid.  But I could get behind this version.<div

This. So Much This…

The first paragraph of this piece alone is worth the price of admission.


Find the Pug!

It’s a Fracas!

Another day, another story, another anthology…

This one is called Fracas:  A Collection of Short Friction, edited by my friend, J. Travis Grundon.  It’s filled with short stories in the tradition of Chuck Palahniuk and William S. Burroughs.  You know, disgusting, antisocial stuff done by disgusting antisocial people.  Great reading, huh?

I’ve got a little short story in this called “The Forgetting,” which should be worth the price of admission…just $8.  Here’s the link:

One Buck Horror is One Buck…

One of my stories is out today at Amazon.  It’s in a emagazine called One Buck Horror.

My story is a little gem called “Child of Dirt.”  The mag contains six stories and since it pays professional rates the stories are probably pretty good.  And the whole thing is just $1.

Here’s the link:



This Is It!

My 100th Post!

That’s all…move along.


And now a quiz.

Quickly…Abraham Lincoln or a young Michael Richards?

The New Superman is…


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