Here’s a Book Not to Buy…

This guy, the editor of a book called Emails from the Wasteland, is a scumbag. Pure and simple. David Byron is his name, though evidently he has quite a few aliases. He’s best known for plagiarism, a talent for which he has a stack of authors after him. The Attorney General for Indiana, where he resides, his also after him.

He has published one of my short stories, “Snapback,” with no permission, written or otherwise from me. In fact, Mr. Byron was in receipt of an email from me telling him that he had no rights to publish the story. He said he wouldn’t. He lied and stole it anyway.

It’s up on Amazon right now.

Go and leave a bad review until Amazon pulls it down, because, yes, I already contacted its Copyright Infringement Office to yank the book and ban Mr. Byron and his dozens of other aliases from publishing there.

And if you want to read the story, which I sold to a legitimate publisher earlier this year, go here. It’s free.


About John F.D. Taff

John F.D. Taff is a writer, published author, raconteur and wrangler of angry stoats. He has more than 80 short stories and 7 novels published. He lives in the great, unspoiled vastness of the Midwest. He has a tremendous wife named Debbie, three pugs, Sadie, Tovah and Muriel, and three great kids--Harry, Sam and Molly. View all posts by John F.D. Taff

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