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A Few New Stories in 2012

As 2011 rolls on to a miserable and wholly deserved end, 2012 waits in the wings, complete with new stories from me…oh, yeah, and the end of the world in some Mayan apocalypse on my birthday, Dec. 21, 2012.

Before the earth spins blithely into the sun, here are a few of my pieces that will be appearing next year.  This list is, of course, incomplete since I hope to sell more stories soon that will appear next year.

“The Bitches of Madison County” in Black Ink Horror #8

“Helping Hands” in Malicious Malpractices

“Night Bird” in Big Pulp

“Three Dog Night” in Best New Werewolf Stories

“The Tentacle” in Call of Lovecraft

I’ll post here exactly when these will appear.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Do Almonds Have Teats?

I am a big fan of soy milk.  I just don’t like 2.59 a half gallon for the stuff…and the possibility of even larger man boobs from the plant hormones in soy.

So, I tried Almond Milk today.  Same ridiculous price, but…

…it’s teh awesome!

It’s like milk…from a unicorn!

Delicious…I could get used to it.

Though it’s still over priced.

And now, for completely no reason, a picture of a stoat.



Fry a Turkey with Captain Kirky…

Ughhh…sorry.  But this is the greatest video evar.

William Shatner instructs you on how to fry a turkey safely.


Happy Veteran’s Day!


A day to celebrate those men and women who give their lives to protect our country.

My grandfather, Robert Taff, served in the U.S. Army during WWII.  He landed in France after D-Day with the 99th Infantry Division or the “Battle Babies” as they were known.  They slogged it out in France and Germany, in some little battles you might have heard of, oh, say the Remagen Bridge, the Battle of the Bulge, the Rhineland and the Rurh Pocket.

He was a sergeant and won all sorts of medals, including two Bronze Stars.  And he hardly ever spoke of it, in deference, I think, to my grandmother.  But after she passed, we were lucky enough to get some of the wonderful stories of his experiences before he passed two years later.

When he did die, we learned of all of these medals he’d won.  He never told us that.  So, with the help of a local congressman, we worked to get those medals replaced.  Now, they’re in flag box with the flag that draped his coffin at his funeral.  He and my grandmother, Anita, are buried in Jefferson Barracks.

My dad was also a Marine, so Semper Fi!

And if that isn’t enough, my great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Peter Taff, served in the Continental Army under General George Washington.  Yes.  And he served with Washington and was there in a little place known as Valley Forge.  And this ain’t just a family fairy tale, it’s documented by the State of Virginia.

So, if you see some of our men and women in uniform, thank them for the sacrifices they and their families are making.  The ridiculously low pay, the separations, the injuries, the deaths, the little regard many in this country place on soldiers.

Thank them for it, because it’s the least that they’ve earned.

Box of Delights Opens

Remember, the three or so of you who read this, when I mentioned Box of Delights, that Irish anthology I had a story accepted into?  Well, it’s out and available for purchase.

John Kenny, the editor who put this together for Aeon Press, has done a great job.  Authors such as Steve Rasnic Tem, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Don D’Ammassa, and Mike Resnick all have stories in the antho…as well as yours truly and a very, very good piece by my good friend Erik T. Johnson, which actually kicks off the book.

The funny thing is that Erik and I both have stories in this book, written prior to this antho coming together, that have the word “box” in the title, just like the title of the antho.  Erik’s is “The Black Tree’s Box” and mine is “Box of Rocks.”  Pretty weird.

Here’s the link to purchase; it’s about $18 with shipping.  Highly recommended.


Happy Birthday, Dad!

Forgot to post this yesterday since I was wishing him a personal happy birthday.  But happy 68th birthday, dad.  To the greatest man I know.

That’s me, front left, my brother, Bob, and the older of my sisters, Kim.  And my way too young mom.  Actually, if this Jun 1967, and there’s no reason that the photo would lie, my dad is a ridiculous 23 and my mom is just 21.  Yikes.


P.S.  Doesn’t my dad’s eyes have the haunted look of a 23-year-old with three kids?  Imagine him now with five kids and 8 grandkids.

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