Wanna Read a Bit of What I’m Working on Right Now?

I’d be willing to post a chunk of the scifi ghost story novella I’m working on right now, something nice that doesn’t give too much away.  But you have to let me know that you want it.

And you have to let me know that you want it on Books of the Dead’s new Message Board.  Yes, I’m trying to pump traffic over that way so that we can build it.  So, go here:


Leave me a message saying that you’d like to read some of “Visitation.”  When I get a few responses, I’ll post a chunk and let people know it’s up there.

See ya!


About John F.D. Taff

John F.D. Taff is a writer, published author, raconteur and wrangler of angry stoats. He has more than 80 short stories and 7 novels published. He lives in the great, unspoiled vastness of the Midwest. He has a tremendous wife named Debbie, three pugs, Sadie, Tovah and Muriel, and three great kids--Harry, Sam and Molly. View all posts by John F.D. Taff

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