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Leave a Review for Little Deaths at Amazon! Please. OK, Pretty Please. OK, Pretty Please with Sugar on Top!

In today’s publishing world, Amazon is king, whether you  like it or not.  And nothing moves the sales needle at Amazon like customer reviews.

I can’t over emphasize how important these reviews are to the life cycle–and sales!!–of a book.

So, if you’ve bought Little Deaths, please leave a review for it at Amazon.  The maximum number of stars is greatly appreciated!

If you haven’t bought Little Deaths, the only thing you can possibly be waiting for is the paperback edition, which will be out soon!  Promise!


Books of the Dead Announces the Arrival of Little Deaths

Books of the Dead Press announced today the publication of my short story collection, Little Deaths, available now at Amazon.

Go to Books of the Dead here:

Buy Little Deaths here:

Evil Jester Digest #1 FREE On Kindle Today & Tomorrow!

Free today and tomorrow for Kindle:

Great collection, and not just because of my story, “Dust at the Center of All Things.”  :  )

Great collection and free, too?  What are you waiting for?

P.S. Also pick up “The Fierce and Unforgiving Muse” by Gregory Norris.  A fantastic collection of this author’s short works!


Fireside Horror Moving to You Tube? Perhaps…

I’ve done, what, four episodes of what I’m calling Fireside Horror with John F.D. Taff now on UStream.  The idea was to find a vehicle that would allow me to promote my writing without having to travel to every horror convention across the country.  Also to find something that would allow me to connect with fans in real time so that they could ask questions, interact, etc.

Well, Ustream has proven to be slightly cumbersome and a little hard to access for viewers.  I think that the scheduled time of 9 p.m. central on Thursdays also made it difficult for some people to see it, even though the episodes remain up on UStream for viewing any time.

So, I’ve been casting around for another way to do this, when it was right in front of me.  YouTube.  Of course.  I can create the episodes when I want, post them to my YouTube channel when I want for access by viewers whenever they want.  I lose the spontaneity, but that’s theoretical at this point anyway because there’s been no viewer interaction up to this  point.  But I’m also able to connect my channel to Google ads and take a shot at making some revenue for the episodes while I promote the book.  So, there’s that.

So, I think I might give this a try.  I’d ask you what you think in advance of my moving, but I doubt that there are any “you” out there reading this.  Oh well…perhaps that’s the problem.

Anyway, stay tuned…perhaps next week will see the first episode of Fireside Horror with John F.D. Taff on YouTube.


Little Deaths is Available Now!

It’s finally here.  My first collection of short stories, Little Deaths, published by Books of the Dead Press.

It’s out now as an e-book at Amazon, for just $3.99!  Get it here:

If you’d prefer a paperback edition, that will come in late May, and I will pass along more information on this when it becomes available.

Until then, go to Amazon, buy the book and read it!  I hope that you enjoy it, and that you leave a review at Amazon!

I’m extremely proud of this book, and I really hope that you like the stories.  Leave me feedback and let me know!  And tell all your friends about it, too!

Thanks, everyone, for your support!

Fireside Horror with John F.D. Taff Moved to Tomorrow Night!

Ahh, the vissicitudes of life…

Tonight’s episode of Fireside Horror with John F.D. Taff, which should have been last week but was cancelled and moved to tonight is now being moved to tomorrow night, Friday, April 20th, at 9 p.m. C.S.T.  I’ll be reading an excerpt from my short story, “The Depravity of Inanimate Things,” from the recently published Horror for Good anthology.  It’s a great book, filled with great stories, and all the proceeds go to amFAR, the AIDS research charity.

So, remember to go here tomorrow night at 9 p.m. C.S.T.

See ya tomorrow!


The Big Announcement for Little Deaths!

Books of the Dead Press Publishes

Little Deaths by John F.D. Taff

Review Copies Available


Within the next several days, Books of the Dead Press will release Little Deaths, a collection of short horror fiction by author John F.D. Taff.  The book features 19 short stories, some previously published, some appearing for the first time.

Little Deaths is the first collection of short fiction by John F.D. Taff, whose career spans 25 years as a horror and dark speculative fiction author, with more than 60 stories in print in magazines (Cemetery Dance, Eldritch Tales, Deathrealm, Aberrations, Morpheus Tales) and anthologies (Hot Blood: Seeds of Fear, Hot Blood: Fear the Fever, Shock Rock II, andBest New Vampire Tales.)  Four of his stories were chosen as honorable mentions by Datlow and Windling in their Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror anthologies.  His short fiction has appeared so far this year in Best New Werewolf Tales, Vol. 1, Big Pulp, Evil Jester Digest Vol. 1, and the AmFAR charity anthology Horror for Good.

Books of the Dead Press, based in Toronto, was founded by James Roy Daley in 2009.  The company is focused on publishing quality horror books by quality authors.  Recent works published by Books of the Dead Press include: Berserk by Tim Lebbon, Husk by Matt Hults, Gary Brandner’s The Howling TrilogyPain Cages by Paul Kane, Badass Zombie Road Trip by Tonia Brown, the Zombie Kong anthology, and James Roy Daley’s novellaZombie Kong.

Little Deaths will be released as an e-book within the next week, and in print as a trade paperback sometime in May.  I’d like to invite you to receive a review copy, if you’d like.  E-book review copies in PDF format, high- resolution images of the cover and interviews with Taff can be arranged by responding to this email.

For more information on Books of the Dead Press, go to  

For more information on Little Deaths and John F.D. Taff, follow the author at or on Twitter @johnfdtaff.

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