Into Ventriloquism? Pleasant Dreams…


I find ventriloquism alternately unfunny and creepy.  Even experts in the art of making dummies talk–Edgar Bergen, Walter Winchell, even Senor Wences–all have the creep factor turned up pretty high.  I mean, really, holding a small, creepy doll on your lap and making it seem to talk?

Anyway, saw this today.  Follow the link to see some terrific olde tyme ventriloquist pictures.

And good luck sleeping tonight…


About John F.D. Taff

John F.D. Taff is a writer, published author, raconteur and wrangler of angry stoats. He has more than 80 short stories and 7 novels published. He lives in the great, unspoiled vastness of the Midwest. He has a tremendous wife named Debbie, three pugs, Sadie, Tovah and Muriel, and three great kids--Harry, Sam and Molly. View all posts by John F.D. Taff

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