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Happy Birthday, Benjamin Harrison Taff!

Happy birthday to my oldest, Harry.  He was born 20 years ago today, when I was just 28 and had hair…and was still thin.  How the time slips away.

He’s taller now, thinner (too thin) and I’m very proud of him.

So, happy birthday, Harry.  Now, can you please stop growing up any more?  It’s making me feel ancient.


Noted Author Gene O’Neill Gives Little Deaths a Great Blurb!

Gene O’Neill, well-known science fiction, fantasy and horror author–and winner of the Bram Stoker Award for Best Fiction Collection in 2010–read my first short horror collection, Little Deaths, and has offered a great blurb for it.

“LITTLE DEATHS is a splendid collection of very diverse dark fiction.
The writing is precise, the story plots compelling. Two of the stories
stand out as my favorites: “Bolts” and “The Mellified Man.” But there
is not a weak story in this very fine collection. Highly Recommended.”


Gotta tell you, coming from a respected author like Mr. O’Neill, that means a lot to me.  Very jazzed about this!

If you haven’t got a copy of Little Deaths yet, it’s available at Amazon for just $3.99 in digital format and $10.84 (on sale!) in print.

Get it today.  HERE!

Note:  Yes, those are the Avengers (at least some of them) in the photo behind the books.  That, as much as I might like it to be, is not an endorsement, sadly.

Call of Lovecraft, In the Authors’ Own Words…

Call of Lovecraft, by Evil Jester Press, is out now, and if you haven’t picked up a copy (complete with the great cover by Billy Tackett!), you should…here.  BTW, Call of Lovecraft features “The Tentacle,” which is my contribution to the Lovecraftiness.

Gregory Norris, a fellow writer who ended up as the editor of this anthology, has collected back stories from the authors…a little behind-the-scenes peek at where the stories came from.  Always interesting to see how these stories come into the world.

So, if you’re interested, head on over to Gregory’s blog and see what made me and the other authors in this piece call out to old H.P.

And buy a copy, whydontchya?


Nice Call Out for My Story in Horror for Good!

John Milton over at has reviewed Horror for Good, the AIDs charity anthology put out by the good people at Cutting Block Press (also the publishers of Horror Library V, which I have another story in!).  Horror for Good donates all its proceeds to amfAR, which makes it a great anthology helping a great cause.

Anyway, John not only mentions me amidst talented, big name authors like Jack Ketchum, Joe Lansdale, Jonathan Maberry, Jeff Strand and Joe McKinney,  but also calls out my story, “The Depravity of Inanimate Things,” as one of the highlights of the anthology.  He says, and I quote…ahem…

“John F.D. Taff explores the workings of the human mind in The Depravity of Inanimate Things and succeeds in creating a very believable horror tale.”

Thanks, John!  As they  would say in your neck of the woods, I’m chuffed to  be included in the antho, to be mentioned alongside those authors in your review, and to have my story listed as a highlight of this fantastic collection!  G0 here to read John’s entire review.

Horror for Good is available at Amazon in print & digital formats.  Go pick it up today, treat yourself to some great horror and support a fantastic cause.

I’m on Night Terrors, Tuesday, July 3rd!

If you’d like to hear one of my stories from Little Deaths read in my mellifluous voice, then tune into Night Terrors, a horror podcast hosted by local boy Kenny Sills.  He’s just getting this venture off the ground, and I was flattered that he asked me to participate.  The show airs on Tuesdays, from 8 to 9 p.m. CST.

I’ll be appearing Tuesday, July 3, 8-9 p.m.

I’ll read my story “Bolts,” which kicks off my well-reviewed collection, Little Deaths (available here in digital and print formats).  I’ll also answer some questions and chat with Kenny, a horror author himself.

I’ll blog and tweet about this between now and then, but just thought you’d like to keep the date open.  I’ve always been told I have a face for radio.


Battling Stoats!

Shout out for Little Deaths by My Pub!


My terrific publisher, James Roy Daley at Books of the Dead Press, gave my  book Little Deaths a little shout out at his site,

Go there, take a look, and find some more great books BOTD puts out–Best New Werewolf Tales, Best New Zombie Tales 1-3, Bad Ass Zombie Road Trip, Zombie King Anthology and Zombie Kong Novella, just to name a few!

Books of the Dead

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