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The Start of a Great Review from Alaska!

The Cabin Goddess (aka Kriss Morton) has posted the beginnings of what looks to be a fantastic review for Little Deaths at her site.  She is a busy, busy book reviewer…and her life up in Alaska is fascinating and fun to read about.

Take a look:


RIP George Jefferson…


Movin’ on up…to that deluxe apartment in the sky-i-i

A Handy Chart for Dealing with Girlfriends…

Provided, of course, by the girlfriend…

Someone’s Reading My Blog and I Don’t Want Them To.

What do you do when you’ve got someone reading your blog who you know is reading your blog and you don’t want them reading your blog?  How do you stop someone from reading your blog without locking the rest of the world out…when you want them to read your blog.  Just not that one person who you know is reading it…and you don’t want them to.

I think this might be as close to an existential dilemma the internet ever gets.

Well, then, let me just say this.


YOU, reading my blog.  Yeah, you know who you are.  STOP!  Stop reading my blog!  I do not like you and do not wish you to read anything about me.

That wasn’t for any of the rest of you.  I love you…honestly.  Just for that one person, who knows who they are.

There.  And I’m not even drunk.

Another Nice Review for Little Deaths!

The folks at Hellnotes have posted a very nice review for Little Deaths. 

“…there are definitely more than a few knockouts in Little Deaths that are well worth reading for horror and science fiction fans.”

Take a look at the full review here (but beware, there are some story spoilers!):

And, of course, pick up your copy of Little Deaths here at Amazon.

A New Blog. Books of the Dead Marketing @ Blogspot

So, now that I’m handling sales & marketing for Roy at Books of the Dead, I’ve set up a new blog to allow me to communicate with readers and potential readers.  This new blog is at

Go there and subscribe to learn the very latest about Books of the Dead titles, authors and upcoming titles and events.

And to kick this off, I’ve posted a new interview with Tonia Brown, author of Badass Zombie Road Trip, a hilarious zombie buddy/road trip story.

Go there and take a look…often.

Oh, and subscribe to our twitterfeed @booksofthedeadmarket.

I’m the new Marketing/Sales Guy at Books of the Dead Press!

So, we all know that Books of the Dead Press is one of the most exciting, cutting-edge horror publishers around.  Right?  I mean, this year alone, BOTD has released eight well-received horror books, ranging from anthologies to novels to single-author collections; from classics like Gary Brander’s The Howling Trilogy, to horror industry veterans, like New York Times bestselling author, Tim Lebbon, as well as new, up-and-coming authors, like Tonia Brown.

But Roy’s been busier than a one-armed zombie hunter in a city filled with the living dead.  He’s barely got enough time to find great new books and get them ready for market.  So, as part of a major push to make readers more aware of Books of the Dead’s quality line-up of works, Roy has hired me, John F.D. Taff,  to help with marketing and sales of the line.

Who is John F.D. Taff, you might ask?  Well, in addition to being one of BOTD’s stable of authors (check out my contributions to Best New Vampire Tales Vol. 1, Best New Werewolf Tales Vol. 1, and my own short horror collection, Little Deaths), I am a 20-year veteran author with more than 70 shorts and several novels in print.  Four honorable mentions in Datlow & Windling’s Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror.  And Little Deaths has been recommended for the 2012 Stoker Reading List.

Over and above that, though–and what is more important to Roy–is that I have more than 25 years worth of experience in marketing, advertising, public relations and trade publishing.  I’ve worked for agencies and publishing companies, I can do publicity and media relations and I know how to get stuff covered.  So, I’ve got some experience in publishing, and a lot of experience marketing magazines and books.

What does all that mean?  Well, in the weeks and months ahead, you’ll be hearing and seeing more about Books of the Dead Press, the great authors we’re publishing and the fantastic books we’re producing…and what’s coming up.  We’ve got some amazing books planned and some interesting new ideas on how to get them in front of readers.  We’re going to be creating a whole new marketing blog for Books of the Dead Press very soon, and we’ll have all sorts of things going on there to keep it interesting.

So, from now on, if you have any questions about Books of the Dead Press, its titles or authors, give Roy a break and please contact me at  I look forward to hearing from you.  And Roy looks forward to being able to take a breath!

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