Great New Review for Best New Werewolf Tales!

My friend, John Milton, posted a great new review for Best New Werewolf Tales, in which I have a story, “Three Dog Night.”

I’ve excerpted some of the review below, but please go to Andy Erupts to read the entire review.

“Best New Werewolf Tales Vol 1 comes with 20 short stories, some of the highlights for me were the following:

Jonathan Maberry kicks off the book in style with a private investigator/ horror mash-up that really works inLike part of the Family.

In Baby, James Roy Daley ramps up the horror and takes the sub-genre in a direction that I don’t think any film would dare to go.

David Bernstein’s The Trojan Plushy is a dark tale demonstrating the lengths a desperate man will go to in order to find justice.

John F.D.Taff takes werewolves to the dog pound in Three Dog Night and unleashes the power of man’s best friend.

William Meikle melds genres together in Hairs and Graces, giving a fantasy horror twist to a private detective tale.

An internet shopper gets more than he bargained for in T.J.May’s Unlucky Moon.

… and I guarantee you that you’ll never have read anything like David Wesley Hill’s SQ 389!

Although this book quite clearly has some big-hitting authors attached to it, its real strength lies in the unique nature of each story. As I have already stated, I find the sub-genre revolving around lycanthropy quite tired and many films/ books simply feel like retreading old ground. That is not the case here at all.”

And, of course, go here to buy yourself a copy.  It really is that good!




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