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Saw “Mama” Tonight. Sick. Twisted.


Finally, the first horror movie I can remember in years…a decade maybe…that doesn’t blow it in the last five minutes.  It commits itself to the path it’s chosen, and does so until the very end.  It’s a sad, macabre ending, but it holds its ground.  And I respect that, particularly in a horror movie.  Go see it.

“Bolts” Makes it On the Stoker Reading List!

And the hits just keep coming.

My short story “Bolts,” the lead off story in my collection Little Deaths, has made it to the Stoker Reading List!  Awesome.  That means I currently have three items on the list.  First, Little Deaths is on for collections.  Second, my story “The Depravity of Inanimate Things,” which appeared in Horror for Good, is on the short fiction list.  And now “Bolts” is one the short fiction list, too.

“Bolts” is sort of my homage to Frankenstein, if you haven’t read it.  And if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?  Little Deaths is still an unbelievable 99 cents for Kindle at Amazon right now.  It contains “Bolts” plus 18 other short stories that run the gamut from straight-out horror to body horror or psychological terror.  Click here and buy it and see what everyone’s talking about!

Looks like 2013 is going to be a good year!

Gabino Iglesias at HorrorTalk Picks Little Deaths as the No. 1 Horror Collection of 2012!

Little Deaths Cover


Gabino Iglesias, voracious reader and reviewer over at HorrorTalk, recently posted his list of the best horror books of 2012.  He just Tweeted his posting of the list, so imagine my surprise when I saw that he’d chosen my collection Little Deaths as the No. 1 Collection/Anthology of the year!  (OK, I tied with We Live Inside You by Jeremy Robert Johnson, but who cares?  That’s good company!)

Here’s what Gabino had to say:  Little Deaths is a treat for fans of horror. Taff’s prose is tight but malleable, changing its nature to adapt to every story. The diversity of the collection is outstanding, the writing is the kind that gets nods for the Stoker, and all the elements of horror fiction are there in spades. The Mellified Man was one of the best short stories I read this year and this collection ensured that I will be getting my hands on anything Taff publishes the second it comes out. When it comes to superb short horror stories, this tome stuck with me and I’ll surely go back to it at some point in 2013.”

Wow…just…wow…I am flattered and humbled.  Go here to see all of the great books Gabino has on his list.  And go here to pick up a copy of Little Deaths…still, for some reason, at the holiday, priced-to-move cost of just 99 cents!


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