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And Now for Something Completely Different…

A stoat.


Stoat with a meal....errr...a rabbit.

Stoat with a meal….errr…a rabbit.

Postscripts to Darkness 3 Coming; Postscripts to Darkness 4 to Feature a Story by Me!

Whew, that was a long headline…

Sean Moreland and Aalya Ahmad are the editors of Postscripts to Darkness, a self-described collection of strange, striking, and uncanny fiction and art.  Their 3rd issue is coming out soon, and they’re sponsoring some launch parties to unveil their newest effort.  Unfortunately for me, they’re all in Canada, as the poster below sh0ws.  Oh well, you lucky Canucks…


poster 3 pstd draft


Postscripts to Darkness 4, which will be out in October, features a story by yours truly, a little number with a storied history.  The piece, “The Night Moves,” is an admittedly literary, artsy piece of dark fiction.  I was experimenting with a new style (t0 me, at least) of writing that I call elliptical.  It builds repetitious words and/or phrases, words and phrases that are designed to heighten the mood or give the line more resonance.  So, it had kind of a rough submission  history, where I got a lot of “This is great, but…” rejection letters.  Which I loathe.

Anyway, I had originally planned to call my first short story collection The Night Moves, and kick off with this story.  The story was met with some resistance, and I decided that it probably wasn’t the right place for it, even though I  wanted the collection to show the range I am capable of.  The collection became Little Deaths, and I think it succeeded in that direction even with the loss of this story.

But I still like and believe in this story, so I submitted it to Postscripts to Darkness, and their farsighted, visionary editors accepted it.  So, grab a copy of no. 3 when it comes out, attend the launch party if you find yourself up north, and wait for more word on “The Night Moves” in Postscripts to Darkness 4 later this year!

I Know…It’s Been a While…Update!

So, I’ve been working on short stories lately.  I had such a good year last year that I’ve nearly sold out of all my shorts.  I think, at this point, I might have three left, which means I have to replenish the stockpile in order to be able to keep a steady stream of them out in the marketplace.  I’ve finished one, “Planting Robert,” and I’ve got about 10 more in various states of “done.”  Should finish another this week, entitled “A Ware That Will Not Keep.”

A novel, too, has been on my mind. I need to get one going and finished this year, to follow up Little Deaths with a longer work.  I have a few ideas that are jelling, and I hope to have at least one or two of them fleshed out or started to present at a pitch session at the WHC this summer.

Until then, though, I have quite a few things scheduled to be published so far this year.  Here’s a list:

  • “The Bitches of Madison County” in Black Ink Horror #8
  • “The Immolation Scene” in Horror Library V
  • “The Night Moves” in Postscripts to Darkness #4
  • “The Two of Guns” in Edge of Sundown
  • “Three Silent Things” in Shades of Blue & Gray
  • “Show Me” in Splatterland

And it’s only March.  I have a few more irons in the fire that I’ll be able to share later.

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