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I Sold a Story to Grey Matter Press!

I sold a story today to a new anthology called Dark Visions, one of three new anthos being put out this year by start-up horror publisher Grey Matter Press.  The story, “Show Me,” is a weird piece, from my days of erotic horror back in the 90s.  I’ve always found it to be a very discomfiting story about the sexual masks we wear, so I’m glad it was picked up.  Grey Matter, which incidentally has already struck me as a very professional, very focused endeavor, plans to have this out in June.  Another anthology, Splatterlands, will be out, too.  I’ve also submitted a story they really like, “Angie,” for another anthology, Ominous Realities.  Fingers crossed!

So, support these guys!  Look for more information here and on their site about when these books will be out…and then buy them!

A Very Short Story Up for Free…

Roy over at Books of the Dead Press has put up a piece of flash fiction from me.  It’s a 400-word piece called “The Son” that, while brief, hopefully has a punch to it.

You can view it for free here.


P.S.  Yes, that secret announcement is coming…I promise.  And it’s gotten even bigger.  Just a few more days!

Little Deaths Cracks Amazon’s Top 100…and more!

Little Deaths Cover

So all three of you who actually follow this blog know the story so far.  My awesome publisher, Books of the Dead Press (Toronto) has spent the last few weeks really pushing their great line of books in an effort to get each of them to #1 at Amazon.  Each week, it selects a book to push, then gets behind it in a big way.  Each of the books so far promoted has made it to #1 at Amazon in the Occult Horror section.

My book, Little Deaths, went up this past Sunday and the results have been staggering.  I made it to #2 in the Short Stories and Single Author Short Stories categories, and made it all the way to #2 in the Horror category.  I also managed to get to #4 in Amazon’s Horror Authors Ranking (Just under Stephen King and Dean Koontz), and I cracked the Top 100 Paid for Kindle.

Here’s what Roy over at Books of the Dead had to say:

“Books of the Dead had a 99¢ sale for Tim Lebbon‘s novel: Berserk. — The title hit #1.
After that we had 99¢ sale for Gary Brandner’s The Howling Trilogy. — The title hit #1.
We followed that up with a 99¢ sale for Best New Zombie Tales Volume One. — The title hit #1.

Now we’re having a 99¢ Sale for John Taff’s Little Deaths. In an unexpected twist, the title did NOT hit #1 in the Horror / Occult section on Amazon (it wasn’t in that section); it hit #2 in Horror Literature & Fiction, selling more copies than the other three titles, and cracking the TOP 100 on Amazon. We moved roughly 1,000 units within 12 hours.


Unbelievable is right.  Awesome is also right.  Thanks so much to everyone who helped.  But we’re not finished yet.  There are still three days left in my promotional cycle…and one fantastic announcement to make yet.  So please post this to Facebook, Tweet it, blog it, pass it along.

Get your copy of Little Deaths.

And get ready.  There’s a lot more where that came from.

I’ve just begun to creep you out.

I’m Ranked #4 in Horror Authors…

At Amazon…right now…just under Susanna Kearsley, Stephen King and Dean Koontz.  That’s fairly heady company.  Pretty cool.

Oh, BTW, buy Little Deaths.

Little Deaths is at #2 at Amazon. Just a Little Nudge More…


Little Deaths Cover


My publisher, Books of the Dead, is making a big push for my short story collection, Little Deaths.  We’re trying to get it to #1 in Horror (at least) at Amazon.  It’s on sale for just 99 cents, which is a ridiculously good price. Currently, the book is at #2 in Horror, #2 in Short Stories and #2 in Single Author Short Stories…as well as #113 in Kindle Paid Overall.  That’s incredible…but I know it can do better, with your help!

Go here to buy it and help push it to #1!

And we’ve got a great announcement coming sometime this week!  Keep watching…


Help Little Deaths Get to No. 1!



So, my publisher, Books of the Dead Press, has been really pumping sales for its incredible lineup of books.  They’ve picked a week and really pushed one book that week.  They’ve led with books like The Howling and Berserk and Husk, and each of these books have hit No. 1 at Amazon.  Beginning Sunday, April 14th, they’ll be pushing Little Deaths…hard. Starting tomorrow, Little Deaths will be up at Amazon for just 99 cents.  99 stinking US cents…that’s just about..let me see here, divide by 19, carry the 2… just a nickle a story!  Talk about a bargain.

Little Deaths has been very well reviewed.  Gabino Iglesias over at HorrorTalk chose it as the No. 1 horror collection of the year.  John Milton at Andy Erupts chose it as one of the top 5 horror books of the year.  I’ve received very kind blurbs from Michael R. Collings, Gene O’Neill and others.  It made the HWA Bram Stoker Reading List.

So to help me avoid embarrassment, I ask for your help.  Either promote the proverbial living hell out of the book…blog it, Tweet it, Facebook it, whatever.  Or buy it.  Buy it for yourself.  Your maiden aunt.  Your dog.  Hell, for 99 cents you can afford to buy it for your Cousin Earl and the gardener.  Whatever it takes to move Little Deaths to No. 1 at Amazon.  I really, really don’t want mine to be the first book in this promotional swing that doesn’t hit No. 1.  So any help you can give me would be great!

Also, as a kind of extra, keep watching this week for an exciting announcement, both here and over at Books of the Dead.  Well, it’s exciting if you want to read another book from me.  And this one is…gasp!…a novel.



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