Iron Man 3…meh.

Before I start, I am a big fan of what Marvel is doing with its film empire.  The first Iron Man was spectacular.  The second was pretty good.  And I went into Iron Man 3 last night with high expectations.  I mean, it was getting some great reviews.

I dunno what those reviewers were watching, but it wasn’t the same film I did.  It was long, semi-tedious and despite its action sequences and the peril they put poor Tony Stark in, it was curiously flat and uninvolving.  Nothing really seemed to matter.  HUGE plot points were dispatched in a second or two, and they took the No. 1 villain in the Iron Man universe and relegated him to a cardboard cutout–a fake, an actor playing a role for the other villain, who was not that frightening or much otherwise.

The movie, while not bad, was hugely disappointing.  RDJ was RDJ, which is great.  The humor was there, the action and effects were first-rate, but it seemed to lack something.  And the ’70s-style credits at the end (and the music that played over them) were awful…awful.  Even the kicker at the end, something we’ve all come to anticipate and love in our Marvel movies, was, while funny, lacking in any kind of spoiler or hint or even a connection to a future movies.

Let. Down.

And Star Trek Into Darkness is getting bad reviews, too.  Great.


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