Grey Matter Press Announces Dark Visions Vols. 1 & 2


My friends over at Grey Matter Press made the big announcement today about their two (2!) new collections, Dark Visions.  They had enough great submissions to fill two entire volumes.  So, Dark Visions Vol. 1 will be out this summer (in other words, soon).  Dark Visions Vol. 2 will be out this fall.

And I have a story, “Show Me,” in Dark Visions Vol. 1.  Here’s the table of contents for Vol. 1:

The Troll – Jonathan Balog

Collage – Jay Caselberg

Delicate Spaces – Brian Fatah Steele

What Do You Need? – Milo James Fowler

Second Opinion – Ray Garton

The Weight of Paradise – Jeff Hemenway

Three Minutes – Sarah L. Johnson

Raining Stones – Sean Logan

Mister Pockets: A Pine Deep Story – Jonathan Maberry

Thanatos Park – Charles Austin Muir

The Last Ice Cream Kiss – Jason S. Ridler

Scrap – David A. Riley

Show Me – John F.D. Taff

Pretty cool.  In with Mr. Garton and Mr. Maberry!

Here’s the TOC for Vol. 2:

Remember Me – David Blixt

Release – Jane Brooks & Peter Whitley

Mister White – John C. Foster

Variations of Soullessness – A.A. Garrison

Last Call – J.C. Hemphill

Dreaming In and Out – Carol Holland March

Moonlighting – Chad McKee

City Song – Edward Morris & Trent Zelazny

Water, Some of it Deep – David Murphy

The Elementals and I – C.M. Saunders

Chapelston – Rhesa Sealy

The First Years – David Siddall

Wormhole – J. Daniel Stone

Acceptance – Kenneth Whitfield

Here and here are links to learn more.

And don’t forget, Grey Matter has another antho out later this year, Ominous Realities, which will feature another short of mine, “Angie.”  Anthony and Sharon over at Grey Matter have such great taste!


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