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The End in All Beginnings Makes a Most-Anticipated Summer Reading List!


It’s not out yet, but already The End in All Beginnings is making a stir.  The fine folks over at The Horror Bookshelf have already named it one of the most anticipated summer reads of 2014.  Here’s what they say:

“I am a relatively new fan of Taff’s, but this one has rocketed right to the top of my list after it was announced by Grey Matter Press due to how much I loved his novel The Bell Witch and his story “Angie” in Ominous RealitiesThe End In All Beginnings will feature five new novellas that, according to the folks at Grey Matter Press, “explore the painful, emotional horrors of life, love and loss through the ages”. Sign me up!”

Go here and see some of the other books they’re waiting for.

The End in All Beginnings will be out later this summer.

Grey Matter Press Announces Special WHC Limited Edition of The End in All Beginnings



Grey Matter Press officially announced today that a special limited edition of my novella collection, The End in All Beginnings, will be available for those lucky folks attending the World Horror Convention in Portland, OR, May 8-11.

Here’s the release!


Special Limited Advance Edition of THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS,  an All-New Horror Collection from Taff and Grey Matter Press, to Make its First Appearance at the Annual Industry Event

CHICAGO, April 28, 2014 — The Chicago-based independent publisher known for its volumes of exceptional fiction, Grey Matter Press, announced that it will debut its next collection of five horror novellas written by author John F.D. Taff, The End in All Beginnings,  at the upcoming 2014 World Horror Convention.

A very limited quantity of this new collection by Taff will be produced and made available especially for attendees of the annual horror industry event in advance of its release later this summer.

“We are happy to be able to offer this darkly beautiful collection of emotional horrors to the many horror fans who will be attending the Portland event this year,” said Grey Matter Press publisher Anthony Rivera. “This is truly a stunning collection of disturbing tales of heartbreak and personal anguish, and I can think of no better venue than this year’s convention at which to share this sneak peek with John’s fans.”

The single-author collection, written by Taff and edited by Bram Stoker Award nominated editor R.J. Cavender, includes five novellas that explore the painful, emotional horrors of life, love and loss through the ages. The End in All Beginnings  is Taff’s second collection, following his successful Little Deaths   that was released in 2012.

The new collection contains the stories “What Becomes God,” “Object Permanence,” “Love in the Time of Zombies,” “The Long, Long Breakdown” and “Visitation,” all of which explore darkly beautiful and intricate themes that blend elements of horror, science fiction and suspense for which Taff’s work is known.

“I am extremely proud of this book, and I can’t wait for readers to get it and experience the novellas inside,” said Taff. “I look forward to sharing this very special limited edition with everyone in Portland, and am excited for the release of the final version in a few short months.”

New York Times  bestselling author of CODE ZERO  and FALL OF NIGHT,  Jonathan Maberry, said of The End in All Beginnings:   “Taff brings the pain in five damaged and disturbing tales of love gone horribly wrong. This collection is like a knife in the heart. I highly recommend it.”

More information about how and when fans can get a copy of The End in All Beginnings  will be made available at the convention which will be held in Portland, Oregon between May 8-11, 2014.




John F.D. Taff has published more than 70 short stories in markets that include Cemetery Dance, Deathrealm, Big Pulp, Postscripts to Darkness, Hot Blood: Fear the Fever, Hot Blood: Seeds of Fear  and Shock Rock II.  Over the years, six of his shorts have been named honorable mentions in the Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror.  His first collection of short stories, Little Deaths,  was published in 2012 and has been well-reviewed by critics and readers alike. The collection made it to the Bram Stoker Reading List, has been the No. 1 Bestseller at Amazon in the Horror/Short Stories category and was named the No. 1 Horror Collection of 2012 by HorrorTalk.  Taff’sThe Bell Witch  is an historical novel inspired by the events of a real-life haunting and was released in August 2013. His thriller Kill/Off  was published in December 2013. More information about John F.D. Taff is available at



Grey Matter Press is a Chicago-based publisher whose mission it is to curate and cultivate the most talented voices working in dark fiction. The company is committed to producing only the finest quality products containing exceptional tales of horror, fantasy, science fiction and speculative fiction. More information about Grey Matter Press is available at

“The End in All Beginnings” Special Edition Available at World Horror Con in Portland!




Here’s some freakin’ cool news that I bugged Tony at Grey Matter Press about releasing until he finally caved, probably mostly to shut me up.

The fantastic folks at Grey Matter are bringing my five-novella collection, The End in All Beginnings, out sometime later this summer, but they were searching for a promotional idea to unleash at the World Horror Con in two weeks in Portland, OR.  They came up with a doozy.  How’s about a very limited, special advance edition of the actual physical book to have available at the con?

Sound impossible?  Well, it is…but they did it anyway.  Tony and Sharon and everyone at Grey Matter worked around the clock and then some to prepare a limited number of actual print copies of the book that we will use in some fun promotional way at the con.  So, those of you who are attending will be able to get their hands on the book (and it’s the entire book, though perhaps not in it’s final, final form) and get it signed by me.  It will be strictly limited in number, so a great collectible for anyone following my career.

So, above are the front and back covers for the book, complete with an effin’ awesome blurb from NY Times-bestselling author Jonathan Maberry.  Grey Matter assigned a Tarot card as an illustration for each of the stories, and chose the Death card to be the cover.  And we’ve also got a few more surprises up our sleeves about this book.

Pretty cool, huh?  I still can’t believe that Grey Matter has gone to this length and cost to promote this book, but I gotta tell you not only am I thankful for the partnership with them, I am extremely proud of this book.  I can’t wait for people to get it and read the novellas inside.  I am super charged!

So, if you’re gonna be in Portland, come by and see me.  I’ll have more details on how we’re distributing the book as they firm up.  If you’re not going to be in Portland, you’ll have to wait for the July/August time frame for the actual book to be released.  But I promise…it’ll be worth the wait.

So I Saw Oculus Tonight. Not Time Well Spent.

Went to see a late show of Oculus tonight, with my friend Randy…the only person I can get to go see horror movies with me.  There’s been a string of them lately that, while not perfect, have been at least entertaining–Mama, Insidious, The Conjuring.

Don’t add Oculus to this list.  It was fitfully creepy, yes, but the entire movie jumped back and forth through time, flashback to present to flashback, that it was often hard to keep track of what was going on. This was probably true for the writer, as well, because the plot didn’ t make a lick of sense.

What I really had difficulty with, and it’s a thing that perhaps only other writers would even notice is how one of the main characters is treated.  The boy who watches this all happen and then spends a decade in a mental institution is shat on by the author of this.  I mean, I agree with the assessment that authors should build characters that readers/viewers can relate to, can grow to like or even love, then knock the shit out of them.

Here’s the thing, though.  There’s got to be some kind of redemption for the character, something to bring the reader or viewer out.  At least that’s my take.  Putting a character through hell, then shitting on him at the end..what’s the point of that?  In my opinion, there is none.  It’s just shitty writing.

And don’t tell me that the character’s redemption will happen in the next film, because that’s shitty writing, too.  And I could care less, because I won’t be seeing Oculus 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Great Review for The Bell Witch…and Still Only 99 Cents!

The Bell Witch 4 (small)

In addition to the slew of great reviews post for The Bell Witch on Amazon, The Horror Bookshelf has posted a terrific new review of the book.  Here’s a quote:

“It is also important to note that The Bell Witch is not an all out fright-fest, so if that is what you are looking for, you may be disappointed with The Bell Witch. However, if you can appreciate an atmospheric ghost story that leans more towards “quiet horror” territory, you will fall in love with this novel. ”

That’s as good a summation of the novel as I can come up with.  Go here to read the entire review.

And did I mention it’s still 99 cents to get it on Kindle?

Also try Little Deaths and Kill/Off!


And Now Because It’s Been Awhile…A Stoat.


Derp stoat.  There’s always one…

Books of the Dead Signs Me to a New 2-Book Deal!

So, the big announcement today is that James Roy Daley, publisher of Books of the Dead, obviously not tired of my shit as of yet, has signed me to a new two-book deal for two (the last two!) of my older, rewritten novels.

The first, originally titled The Rat-Catcher’s King, will be out sometime this summer, I think.  It will be re-titled as The Exterminator because evidently Roy is so afraid of rats he can’t even abide having one in the title.   I wanted to call it Rat! The Novel…but no.

This one’s basically a horrorized, modern-day retelling of the Pied Piper legend…with rats of course, sorry Roy!

The second book, which still needs a rewrite/polish, is currently titled The Orpheus Box, and concerns two shadowy occult organizations vying for the device Thomas Edison invented to communicate with the dead, which is partially true.  I don’t know if the title will stick or not, and it won’t probably be out until this fall.

So, here’s what’s stirring in 2014 for me:

The End in All Beginnings, my five-novella collection, out in late summer

The Exterminator, out sometime this summer

I Can Taste the Blood, a novella collection featuring me, J. Daniel Stone, Joe Schwartz and Erik T. Johnson. Finished this summer, out to editing and ready for selling to some lucky, lucky publisher.

The Orpheus Box, out sometime this fall…probably.

Various short stories here and there, which I will inform you of in a future blog.



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