Great Review for The Bell Witch…and Still Only 99 Cents!

The Bell Witch 4 (small)

In addition to the slew of great reviews post for The Bell Witch on Amazon, The Horror Bookshelf has posted a terrific new review of the book.  Here’s a quote:

“It is also important to note that The Bell Witch is not an all out fright-fest, so if that is what you are looking for, you may be disappointed with The Bell Witch. However, if you can appreciate an atmospheric ghost story that leans more towards “quiet horror” territory, you will fall in love with this novel. ”

That’s as good a summation of the novel as I can come up with.  Go here to read the entire review.

And did I mention it’s still 99 cents to get it on Kindle?

Also try Little Deaths and Kill/Off!



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