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The End in All Beginnings from Grey Matter Press: September 23


So, Grey Matter Press made the big announcement today.  The general release version of my novella collection, The End in All Beginnings, will be published Sept. 23 in paperback and digital editions.  This book was produced with the help of Stoker-nominated industry editor R.J. Cavender and the Stoker-nominated editorial team of Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson at Grey Matter.

Go here to read Grey Matter’s full release.  They say a lot of very nice things about me.  

If you were lucky enough to get a signed advance copy of the book, hang on to it.  It might be worth something someday.  If not, this is your chance to get your hands on a book I’m very, very proud of.  And it’s got some great blurbs from the likes of Kealan Patrick Burke, Jonathan Maberry and Jack Ketchum.

There are more surprises to come, but mark your calendars for Sept. 23.


Grey Matter Announces New Antho Death’s Realm…with Story from Me!



The fine folks at Grey Matter Press just announced the upcoming publication of their latest anthology, Death’s Realm, a collection of ghostly short stories.  The book, which will be out in October, features a pretty damn good table of contents, including a story from me. My story, “Some Other Day,” should just about cement my reputation as GMP’s “King of Pain.”

Take a look at the table of contents for this antho:

“To Touch the Dead” by Paul Anderson
“Omniscopic” by Rhoads Brazos
“The Weight” by Jane Brooks
“Penumbra” by Jay Caselberg
“High Art” by Simon Dewar and Karen Runge
“Foxhole” by JG Faherty
“Harder You Fall” by Brian Fatah Steele
“Burial Suit” by John C. Foster
“You Only Die Once” by Stephen Graham Jones
“Drowning” by Gregory L. Norris
“A Pirate’s Ransom” by Jay O’Shea
“The Door in the Library” by Matthew Pegg
“Nine” by Aaron Polson
“Mirrorworld” by Martin Rose
“Haunter” by Hank Schwaeble
“Some Other Day” by John F.D. Taff

Looks pretty good.  Happy to be sharing a TOC with my good friend Jane Brooks.  Can’t wait to read her story!  Anyway, be on the lookout for more information.  Go here to read GMP’s entire announcement.

And soon…oh, so soon…more word about the imminent (or is it eminent, I can never tell) arrival of my novella collection, The End in All Beginnings.

Great New Review for The End in All Beginnings!


My upcoming collection of five novellas, The End in All Beginnings, has scored another great review over at Horror News Network.

Here’s a snippet:  “Taff’s deceptively simplistic prose offers deep emotional and dramatic insights into how human beings live with the tremendous burdens of the past and the inevitability of death.  John F.D. Taff’s The End in All Beginnings offers the more adventurous genre readers much to appreciate.”

Go there to read the entire review.

The End in All Beginnings comes out in general release in about a month.


Cheap Ebooks? Gotchya Covered.

One of my publishers, Books of the Dead up in Toronto, has started a new business that should help independent authors move more books.  If you’ve heard of Bookbub, then you kinda know what I’m talking about.

James Roy Daley, the publisher of Books of the Dead, has started Book-ie, an e-mail-based service that connects bargain-seeking readers with authors/publishers who want their books bought & read.

Go here to read more about Book-ie.

Go here to sign up.  It takes just a few minutes, so why not?

Friends for 35 Years…and Going…


Chris on the left, JD in the middle, me on the right.  We don’t get together often, because Chris lives on the right and Doug lives on the left and I live in the middle.  Get it?  But once in a blue moon, the heavens align, and it’s like we’re 17 least for a while. Great time today with two of my best.  And look at what JD’s holding…hmmm….

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