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I’m on the HWA’s Halloween Haunts…But I Don’t Know the Date Yet.


The Horror Writers Association annual Halloween Haunts 2014 blog event begins on October 1. Thirty-one days of Halloween posts, excerpts, interviews, and book giveaways from some of today’s top horror writers…including me. Celebrate Halloween with the horror writers and catch up on some good, scary reading. This event will take place from October 1 through October 31 on the HWA blog, Dark Whispers: Go there every day for a new posting.  I’ll let you know when mine is going to be up as soon as I find out!

Please share this and help spread the word so everyone can enjoy a few good Halloween chills.

Pugs + Batman = Awesome

Here’s a New Banner for my #HORRORSTAR Contest! Cool, huh?


The great folks at Grey Matter Press created this nifty banner for my #HORRORSTAR contest, which you can read about in the post below.  Ongoing. Participation is simple.  Again, read the post below.  Also see that cool ad to the left there?  Also by the fantastic Grey Matter Press folks.


Wanna Become a ‘HORROR STAR’ in a John F.D. Taff Horror Epic?

Sure you do!  Of course you’d like to be featured as a character in my upcoming epic horror novel (that’s not tongue in cheek, there folks!) The book is titled The Fearing and I’m working on it now, with an eye toward publication next year around this time.

I was thinking…  “Gee, John, what could we (the royal ‘we,’ of course. I am the King of Pain, for goshsakes), offer to loyal readers?”  “Well,” the opposite side of my brain answered, “How about the opportunity to be featured in an actual horror novel by an actual horror writer? You know, appear in a published novel  with your own actual name, in a plot that certainly wouldn’t really actually ever happen to you. And then read about yourself (or at least a character liberally based on yourself) doing various plot-necessitated things, but managing to look cool and heroic and stuff while doing it.  Maybe you can die.  Maybe we’ll keep you alive.  Who knows?”

What a frakkin’ awesome idea, both sides of my brain said.

So, we’re gonna do it.  And what better way to decide who gets to be a character in this opus than by having a contest!  A contest to make you,  the reader, a ‘HORROR STAR!’

How do you enter this contest, you may be wondering?  Simple.

1). Buy my current release, The End in All Beginnings.

2). Read The End in All Beginnings, and hopefully enjoy it!

3). Review  the collection, and post your review on Amazon before Oct. 31st, 2014 UPDATE:  WE’RE LEAVING THE CONTEST OPEN FOR A WHILE…UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE OR I GET BORED.  (I’m not trolling for a 5-star review here.  Be honest.  But, sheesh, five stars sure are nice.  😉  )

4). Post a link to your review in the comments section here on this post at my blog, or on the Grey Matter Press Facebook Page, and you will automatically be entered to win.

5.) Share your review on Twitter using #HORRORSTAR for even more chances to win.


Winners will be chosen by a Random Drawing. Once we receive at least 50 entries, we’ll do a straight-up random drawing for some spectacular prizes, the chief of which will be…


1). Grand Prize. I will use your name as a character in my upcoming horror novel, The Fearing.  It won’t be a major character, but it won’t be a throwaway, one-line character, either.  Prior to creating the fictional you, I might ask a few questions to make sure to get some of the REAL you into the character.  I promise that I will not use the character in a particularly horrid, demeaning or embarrassing way, but one in which I think you’d be thrilled to have featured in a novel. What’s The Fearing  about?  Well, it’s kind of an epic, apocalyptic horror novel, but with my own patented King of Pain twists.  When will it be out?  Well, probably sometime next year, around this time. 

2). Runners-Up.  Oh, and for some lucky runners up, I might also give away some signed things, too. And Grey Matter Press is pitching in with some of their own goodies as well.  So, loot for all!  Well, all winners at least.


So what are you waiting for?  How many authors offer you the chance to be directly involved in their novel by creating a character based solely on you?

Enter the ‘Horror Star’ Contest.  Buy The End in All Beginnings today.  Read the collection.  Review it on Amazon. Post your review here or on the Grey Matter Press Facebook Page.  Share your review on Twitter using #HORRORSTAR.

And who knows, I might even sweeten the pot if we get more than 50 entries.  75?  100?  The sky’s the limit!*

*This isn’t entirely true. There is, in fact, a limit to my largesse, and it’s definitely before we reach the sky.  But I promise it’ll be amazeballs!

P.S.  If you couldn’t figure it out, this was the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT JUST FOR YOU I was hinting at.

So, This Just Happened. And It was Pretty Effin’ Cool.


OK, so this just happened.

Deb and I were out running errands.  I wanted to stop in at the local Barnes & Noble to check out the bargain books and see if anything there caught my restricted budgetary eye.  While I was perusing these books, Deb decided to go back and see if they had my novella collection, The End in All Beginnings.

She came back a few minutes later.  Seems she asked the girl at the information desk if they had a new release on their shelves.  The girl asked who the author was.  John F.D. Taff.  Oh, says the helpful girl, that name sounds familiar.  Is the book The End is the Beginning or something like that.  He also wrote The Bell Witch, right?  Deb was dumfounded, and declined the offer to order the book.  They didn’t have it in stock : (

So, we had a little incredulous laugh at that.  Then I decided to have some fun and see if this was really true, if an employee of the local B&N really knew my work.  I went up the counter and asked if they could order a book for me.  Which one?  The Bell Witch, I said, by John F.D. Taff.

Wait…uhhh…you’re like the second person to ask about that.

She was a little flustered, so I just said, No, really, I’m just joking.  I’m John F.D. Taff, and I was just checking out a story my wife told me about someone knowing my work.

Then, she got a lot flustered…and actually, so did I.  She really did know me.  Her friend is a great fan, and she was getting a little verklempt.  She didn’t have a camera or a book for me to sign, so I had Deb take a pic of us with my phone and I emailed it to her.  Also got the card for the B&N community relations manager.  Maybe I’ll do a signing there.

This is yet another indication  that I have somehow, mysteriously, arrived.  Deb tells me that I have.  And I tell her that I always thought “arriving” would involve a tad more money.

But, I gotta admit, this was pretty cool.  Thanks, Katie!  You made my day!  (P.S.  If I’d have known I was going to meet a fan while I was out and about, I would have dressed better.  This is my Sunday-goin’-to-Wal-Mart outfit.)


Yet Another 5-Star Review for The End in All Beginnings + A Tease for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!



So, another five-star review for my new novella collection The End in All Beginnings has popped up on Amazon.  You can go here to read the entire thing, but here’s a great quote from Rich D.:

“This is truly one of the best collection of novellas I have read in a while and will definitely be in the running for one of my favorite reads of the year. I feel like this collection will not only appeal to horror fans, but could interest readers of just about any genre. So, whether you are looking for introduction to the world of horror or are already a seasoned horror fanatic, you will definitely want to give The End In All Beginnings a read!”
That’s pretty nice, huh?  Thanks, Rich!  Are you interested?  You should go get a copy today…right now!
Oh, and one little tease.  Be checking my blog tomorrow for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for YOU!  That’s right, YOU!  That’s all I can say.  Tomorrow.  Big.  Announcement.

The End in All Beginnings Gets Another 5-Star Review!


The End in All Beginnings continues to rack up 5-star reviews.  The new one is from Scottish horror reviewer John Milton.

The End In All Beginnings is a collection of five tales from John F. D. Taff that is in effect, a showcase of emotionally dark and horrific tales from this author who is fast becoming known as the ‘King of Pain’. At times, Taff has a real knack of seizing on a reader’s emotions and each harrowing story in this collection is cerebral, with acclaimed author John F.D. Taff raising emotionally challenging issues surrounding loss and death, causing the reader to pause for thought before being compelled to read on…”

Go here to read the entire review.  It’s posted on the Amazon UK site, but John’s copying it to the US site, so it should be up soon.

Might want to pick up a copy.  Just sayin.


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