One Day til the End. The End in All Beginnings Released Tomorrow. Let’s Talk Sci-Fi Today! Plus An Impassioned Plea!


Weeeee!  One little day until the release of my new novella collection, The End in All Beginnings!  One last day to save 40%. Tomorrow the price returns to its original, upright position.

Anyway, remember yesterday when I told you that I had an interview up at Jim Pyre’s site?  Well, some technical stuff forestalled that, but it’s up now, ritchere!

So, let’s get into the today’s novella, the last one in the bunch.  It’s called “Visitation,” and it’s a bit of a departure from the rest of the stories in the book…and, for that matter, from the rest of the stories I normally write.

“Visitation” is a sci-fi story.  Well, it’s certainly a sci-fi backdrop, let’s put it that way.  It’s a solid ghost story, but its trappings and settings are certainly sci-fi.  Why sci-fi? you might ask.  I thought you were a horror writer.

Well, I think of myself as a writer, first and foremost.  And I write the ideas I get.  Now, to be honest, most of those are horror(y).  But some of them aren’t.  This one wasn’t…sort of.  I’ve got a thriller novel that came out late last year called Kill/Off.  Nary a spook or monster or whiff of the supernatural to be found.  I simply had the idea and needed to write it down to purge it from the system, as it were.  (It’s also a pretty cool little book, if I say so myself…and I do.  Go here to grab a copy.)

Anyway, I used to read a lot of sci-fi.  Really, after comics, sci-fi was the genre that I fell into.  Lots of Robert Heinlein books, before he got all crazy old perverty.  Lots of Alan Dean Foster and Asimov and Clarke.  Lots of Star Trek and old Jack Vance stuff and Robert Silverberg.  I really, really enjoyed sci-fi.

Then I moved onto fantasy, and from there it was just a short jump to horror.  But sci-fi is like the foundation of my reading experience.  The house might have been added onto over the years, but it still rests solid on its foundation.  I don’t read a lot of sci-fi now.  I dunno, for the most part the stuff coming out now doesn’t interest me.  Mostly, I guess, because it doesn’t show me anything new.  Perhaps I’m jaded.  I still liking watching sci-fi–Star Trek still flows through my blood (I started watching it with my grandpa when I was just about 4 years old) and the last incarnation of Battlestar Galactic left me rapt.  But reading it?  Haven’t really run across anything that has moved me to be interested.

The idea for this story came pretty forcefully, and I stopped in the middle of something else to get it down.  To me, its mix of sci-fi and ghost story isn’t all that odd…or shouldn’t be, at any rate.  I don’t think ghosts are any more out there than warp engines or phasers or lightsabers.  And if they are real, then there’s science behind them…we just don’t know what it is yet.

And we’re through!  Yippee!  Now it’s time for you to go out and buy The End in All Beginnings and read it!

Here’s that impassioned plea.

The great folks at Grey Matter Press have taken a big leap of faith in publishing this book.  It represents their very first foray into the realm of a single author book.  And of all the authors with all the books, they chose to work with me first.   I was–and remain–humbled and somewhat daunted by this.  So, if not for me, then to support Grey Matter Press, one of the very few small publishing houses that’s doing things right. And don’t just stop there.  Get Dark Visions Vol. 1, Dark Visions Vol.2, Splatterlands, Ominous Realities and Equilibrium Overturned.  The best way to ensure that you have steady access to authors like me, to great stories, to fantastic books that respect you as the reader, is to support the folks that put these books out.  And Grey Matter is definitely putting out these stories, books and authors.

Also, leave reviews for the books you do buy!  You have no idea how much that helps!  And that’s the end of my impassioned plea!


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John F.D. Taff is a writer, published author, raconteur and wrangler of angry stoats. He has more than 80 short stories and 7 novels published. He lives in the great, unspoiled vastness of the Midwest. He has a tremendous wife named Debbie, three pugs, Sadie, Tovah and Muriel, and three great kids--Harry, Sam and Molly. View all posts by John F.D. Taff

2 responses to “One Day til the End. The End in All Beginnings Released Tomorrow. Let’s Talk Sci-Fi Today! Plus An Impassioned Plea!

  • anthonyriveragmp

    What a great finale to your five-part ‘novella reveal’ for what is truly an exceptional collection, THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS. John, I am profoundly thankful to you for thinking of Grey Matter Press as a publisher with which you chose to share this collection. I am confident that your fans are going to fully understand your new position as the King of Pain once they get a chance to take a look at this deeply moving collection. I look forward to hearing their thoughts. Sincerely, Tony.

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