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So, Patrick Freivald Gave The End in All Beginnings a 5-Star Review!



Another great 5-star review (aren’t all 5-star reviews great?) for The End in All Beginnings, raising the total to 17 5-star reviews.

This one is from fantastic horror author Patrick Freivald, of such books as Jade Sky & Twice Shy, books you should definitely seek out.

Patrick left me this review, which I’ll just reprint in its entirety from Amazon, though you can go there and read all 17 of them here.

“John F.D. Taff’s novellas are treasures, dark tales of love and loss, deeply personal and gut wrenching, with just enough tabloid weird and hilarious one-off statements to keep you on your toes throughout. I can’t recommend this collection highly enough!”

Frikkin’ awesome.  And The End in All Beginnings is still on sale (through tonight, I guess) for just $2.99!


Happy Thanksgiving!

1321921998657_4554456Have a great holiday.  And be safe!  Unbutton your pants.

So I Saw Interstellar for the Third Time Tonight…


So I saw Interstellar again tonight with my friend Randy.  I’ve already seen it twice with Deb…and she seldom sees movies twice.

But what an effin’ great movie.

I am a big fan of science fiction from way back, and I like it in all its forms.  But I really like it in it’s BIG IDEA form.  One reason for that?  We get so little of it. Most people think of Star Trek and Star Wars when they think of scifi.  Now, I love Star Trek and like Star Wars, but these are (for the most part) little idea science fiction.  Oh sure, Star Trek (mostly in its TV form) dealt with some BIG IDEAS, but most scifi these days is of the pew-pew, explosion variety.  When the BIG IDEA scifi rears its head–like with 2001, maybe even 2010, Contact, and (…errr…ummm…I know there are more, but can’t think of any right now), it can be a beautiful thing.

Interstellar is a beautiful thing.  It’s deeeeppp.  It makes you think.  And its central idea–at least the one that Deb and I have arrived at in our discussions of the film–is a profound one.  One that resonates with me a lot, because it’s something I strive hard to imbue my stories with.  And that is love is a powerful force.  It may be a human force, but it’s every bit as powerful as gravity (an allusion the film makes over and over), even if it’s as mysterious and misunderstood as gravity.  Love, in fact, can be viewed as a kind of gravity.  It is, at its foundation, an attractive force, isn’t it?

I like movies…a lot.  And I often see movies two or even three times.  Mostly it’s just because I find them entertaining.  But a movie like Interstellar…it generates thought.  But more than that, it generates conversation.  Deb and I have had some great conversations about this movie, and that’s something that I value a great deal in our relationship.  That we can have these deep, moving, abstract discussions about topics like love and time and space, and it doesn’t seem silly or ridiculous.  That’s one of the things that’s drawn me to see the movie three times in less than 10 days, and it’s one of the many, many things I love about Deb.

Go see Interstellar.  Take someone with you and talk about what it all means.  It’s kinda cool.

Oh, and by the way, the soundtrack to the movie is awesome, too.  Get it.  I’ve been writing to it all day today.  It’s by Hans Zimmer, who’s done a lot of soundtracks.  Another great one by him is the score to Man of Steel.  Excellent.

My Blog Tour…A Recap. Plus The End in All Beginnings for Just $2.99!


So the blog tour is over, but Grey Matter has a great recap of the whole schmear if you’re interested.  Take a look here.

And they’ve also got a great sale underway right now through the end of November.  You can get a Kindle copy of The End in All Beginnings for just $2.99!  Less than three frikkin dollars! That’s almost half off!  Better hurry and get a copy of what Horror Icon Jack Fucking Ketchum (that’s what I call him, anyway) calls “The best novella collection I’ve read in years!”  Get it NOW!

More surprisey announcements soon!

Final Blog Tour Today: No More Continuings!



So the great John F.D. Taff blog tour ends today, as the train pulls into the station at The Horror Bookshelf.  If you’re not completely sick of hearing and reading about me, and who could blame you, then head on over and get some insight into the five novellas that make up The End in All Beginnings!

And thanks for following this blog tour, it was a blast.  Thanks also to everyone who hosted me:  the fine folks at the Ginger Nuts of Horror, Horror News, Buy Zombie, Horror Addicts, Hellnotes, and, of course, The Horror Bookshelf.

Sold Two Stories This Week!

So, in addition to my story, “Some Other Day,” which will appear in Grey Matter Press’ Death’s Realm, coming out right after the first of the year, I just sold another story to those fine, fine people at Grey Matter.  This one, “That Song You Can’t Get Out of Your Head,” will appear in their antho Savage Beasts sometime later next year.  This one will feature stories influenced by music, and mine is…well…mine is something I can’t even talk about without giving away the ooky premise.  I think you might like it.

I also was approached by the publishers of an upcoming antho called Our World of Horror, who bought up an older story of mine called “The Projector.”  I don’t have a lot of information yet on this book, haven’t received the actual contract yet (Gee, I hope it’s OK to discuss…), but when I do have that information, I’ll pass it along.

Other irons in the fire, too. An announcement soon about another project with Grey Matter, perhaps the appearance of the oft-mentioned Infestation…and who knows? Perhaps some other stuff I’m withholding right now.

Blog Tour: Still Continueding!


The blog tour stops today, very near the end, at Hellnotes.  Go over and take a peek at the wonderful things I had to say, whilst I will remain here sipping Theraflu and waiting for my head to explode ala Scanners, with, of course, less blood and more snot.


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