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Another Great 5-Star Review for the New & Improved The End in All Beginnings!


Another great 5-star review from my novella collection The End in All Beginnings!  This one from David Spell at The Scary Reviews (which you should definitely check out for more than just the review of my book).  Here’s a bit of what he had to say:

“John F.D. Taff doesn’t just give us horror that scares us or makes us jump or even say “OH crap I didn’t see that coming”. He fills the horror in with deeply tied emotions and gives us something to consider or ponder. I have really come to love the story within the story and the deeper meaning he cleverly works behind the horror. He never disappoints me and I always know when I see a new story he has just finished it’s going to be a roller coaster ride. This I mean in the most positive way possible, the stories have that jolt that gets them started, the long and gut wrenching climb and the plunge as the coaster races down the seeming vertical drop.”

That’s pretty cool, huh?  Thanks, David.  He also left his review at Amazon for all to see.

Well that should entice you to pop on over and grab a copy (with it’s snazzy new cover) and see all of the 22 5-star reviews the book has accumulated.  So go here, grab it, read it, love it, review it.  Repeat.

I Make the Stoker Preliminary Ballot…Twice!


So the Horror Writers Association’s Preliminary Ballot for the 2014 Bram Stoker Awards came out this morning, and I made the ballot…twice.

First, my novella collection, The End in All Beginnings (snazzy new cover above) made the preliminary ballot in the Fiction Collection Category.

And, rather unexpectedly, one of the novellas in that collection, “The Long, Long Breakdown,” made the preliminary ballot in the Long Fiction Category!

Yay me!

Now, this the first of three steps in the award process for the Stokers.  Step two is this preliminary ballot voted on by active/lifetime members of the HWA and is culled down to five works that will appear on the final ballot. Then, the final ballot is voted on…then the Stoker winners are announced/presented at the Stoker Banquet (what Deb calls “Horror Prom”) at the World Horror Con in May.

I AM NOT A STOKER  NOMINEE…yet.  But hopefully I will make it to the final ballot…and the Stoker!

But I gotta say that I am thrilled.  Proud!  Ecstatic! Wish me luck!

Other potential award-type stuff might be going on, too.  More on that when I know something…

Death’s Realm Mini-Interview: John F. D. Taff

Here’s a great, short interview between me and fellow author Martin Rose about my story “Some Other Day”in Grey Matter Press’ Death’s Realm. Martin’s story in the same antho, “Mirrorworld,” is a creepily effective little piece on mirrors and magicians.

Martin Rose

Everyone, welcome John F. D. Taff to the blog. I’m featuring fellow contributors to Death’s Realm, of Grey Matter Press, with a short mini-interview to learn more about the talent involved, a preview of what we can expect from their story, and speculate on what lies ahead in the great beyond.
Tell us about your background, who you are, and how you came to the writing life.
My background is pretty heavily in writing.  I was an English major in college and worked for many years in the magazine industry–marketing & sales, editing & writing, all the way up the ladder to publisher.  I started writing fiction when I was in grade school, but didn’t get serious until around 1990.  Then I started in on short stories and never looked back.  I love to read and listen to music.  I just got married to my wonderful fiancee Deb, and…

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A New Beginning for The End in All Beginnings


So, today, my novella collection, The End in All Beginnings, gets a makeover–a brand new cover, front and back!  Grey Matter Press, my publisher, has made a big announcement.  Go here to see it!

Whaddaya think?  I love it.  A very throwback, retro-horror cover that I think is very eye-catching.  I liked the Tarot cover, too, but I think this one grabs ya.  And if you have the Tarot cover, you might want to hold onto it…could be a collector’s item.

Anyway, more news coming…secret squirrel stuff.  Keep your eyes peeled!

This is a Cool Video

I had nothing to do with this at all, but I think it encapsulates my sensibilities perfectly.  Charming little movie.

<p><a href=”″>Death and the Robot</a> from <a href=””>Alex Thompson</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I’m in the Running for an Award and Some Reviews and Other Stuff.

This is Horror is a UK horror site.  Every year they do a contest to select the best horror of the year in a number of different categories, allowing readers to vote.  This year, The End in All Beginnings is one of five books up for Best Short Story Collection of the Year.  (I know, they’re novellas…but, well, they’re Brits.  Maybe it’s measured differently).  Anyway, you can vote for me, if you’d like, by going here and following the voting instructions.  If I win, it’d be cool.  Also, Josh Malerman, my new friend, is up for Best Novel for Bird Box.  If you haven’t yet, read it.  It’s sublime.  And then vote for him, too!

In other news, Grey Matter’s latest antho, Death’s Realm, is out.  Looks effin’ awesome.  My story, “Some Other Day,” is already receiving praise from some readers, and there’s a great review of the book already up at Fangoria.  Go take a look.  My story isn’t mentioned by name, but they do mention The End in All Beginnings as “harrowing.”  I’ll take that.

Finally, if you want some background on the stories, fellow Death’s Realm author Gregory Norris has posted some stuff from each author offering insight into their stories.  Go here to take a look!

As always, more big news on the way…soon!  2015 is shaping up to be an amazeballs year.

Death’s Realm Hits Tomorrow with Story from Me!




Death’s Realm, Grey Matter Press’ latest horror anthology, hits the streets tomorrow. Look at that cover.  Pretty sweet, huh?

And it’s all the sweeter, of course, because I have a story in it.  Heh…  This one’s called “Some Other Day,” and if you like my King of Pain vibe, you’re going to like it I think.

Here’s the entire table of contents:

“OMNISCOPIC” by Rhoads Brazos – Forever, mankind has sought proof of some existence beyond death, be that reincarnation or evidence of other realities. This terrifying Lovecraft-inspired story proves that sometimes the secrets of the universe are better left the mystery they are.

“SOME OTHER DAY” by John F.D. Taff – Following the death of his mother, a young boy goes to great lengths to maintain the tenuous connection with his grief-stricken father, no matter the cost to himself or the rest of mankind.

“HAUNTER” by Hank Schwaeble – Matthew has finally found love again after a tragic loss, but now the nightmares of the past are invading his new reality. And it seems that his terrifying history may be determined to repeat itself.

“BURIAL SUIT” by John C. Foster – After his father dies a violent death, an ex-con embarks on a perilous journey to ensure the man’s soul safe passage to a peaceful eternity, risking his own in the process.

“NINE” by Aaron Polson – An anthropologist’s obsession with a lost civilization becomes inexplicably intertwined with the devastating behavior of her two young sons that begins after the loss of their own father.

“PENUMBRA” by Jay Caselberg – Newly deceased, a young man is determined to reach across the veil to the woman he left behind, refusing to let his untimely death stand in the way of their true love.

“FOXHOLE” by JG Faherty – As the only survivors of a military unit engaged in a futuristic battle in the jungle, soldiers and childhood buddies stop at nothing to protect each other from the unseen enemy that pursues them.

“DROWNING” by Gregory L. Norris – Swedish immigrant Edgard miraculously escaped death when he survived the sinking of Titanic. Having made a new life for himself in America, a terrifying force threatens to drag him back to the dark and icy waters of the North Atlantic.

“THE WEIGHT” by Jane Brooks – Experiencing a debilitating pain that has her hovering at the edge of consciousness, a woman struggles against the torturous events of her past in order to remain among the living.

“HARDER YOU FALL” by Brian Fatah Steele – The ability to communicate with the dead has provided Madeline a lavish lifestyle. Now, with a desire for something more, she must find a way to escape the influence of her nefarious mentor.

“MIRRORWORLD” by Martin Rose – All Jude needed was the signature of a practicing Satanist on a legal document. What he got instead was an untimely death and a tortured hereafter, thanks to some very dangerous black magic.

“MARCH HAYS” by Matthew Pegg – When WWII leaves him wounded, Sam finds himself in a familiar place, where pleasant memories of his youth are darkened by a terrifying specter.

“HIGH ART” by Karen Runge and Simon Dewar – Raymond is living the life he always dreamed of now that his wife is out of the picture. But he quickly begins to question whether divorce would have been a less painful way to achieve his ends.

“A PIRATE’S RANSOM” by Jay O’Shea – Somali pirates discover a disabled, abandoned freighter adrift in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea, yet it is mysteriously covered in ice. They soon realize they should have let this opportunity pass them by.

“TO TOUCH THE DEAD” by Paul Michael Anderson – When our possessions are all that remain of our existence, future psychics from the People’s History Project are employed to catalog the energy we’ve left behind, with horrifying consequences.

“YOU ONLY DIE ONCE” by Stephen Graham Jones – There are no pearly gates or angels on high to welcome the dead into the afterlife. Instead there is only an ominous plane of mysterious rooms, filthy shadows and terrifying creatures.

Some great names in here, including friends like Jane Brooks, Brian Fatah Steele, Simon Dewar and Paul Michael Anderson! Go get it and start reading another great antho from the Stoker-nominated editing team at Grey Matter.



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