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Celebrate My Stoker Nomination with 50% Off + A Free Upcoming Novella!

The fine folks over at Grey Matter Press are positively giddy over my Stoker Nomination for The End in All Beginnings.  So excited that they’re offering you, my loyal blog followers, a super-secret special offer, if you don’t already have a copy of the book.  This is done just for you, so follow the super-secret special instruction on how to accomplish all this.  PAY ATTENTION BECAUSE AS PART OF THIS, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO DO SOMETHING FOR ME.  I know, I know.  There’s always a catch, but at least this one’s a good one.

(And even though this is super-secret, just for you, my sweet, sweet blog follower you, I have no illusions that you might be inclined to share this surreptitiously with other unfortunate souls who don’t yet have a copy of The End in All Beginnings. So, whatevs.  Share away.  Just make sure, they, too, follow the instructions!)  Now…take it away Grey Matter:

To borrow a phrase from a famous first lady, we at Grey Matter Press believe that it truly “takes a village” to support the efforts of independent horror authors. And in this case that “village” is you, the online blog community and valued friends who have been a source of inspiration and encouragement for the exceptionally talented horror author John F.D. Taff.

To extend our gratitude to you, the loyal and engaging followers of this blog who’ve made this online community a vibrant village over the years and with whom John has built many long-lasting friendships, we’re offering an exclusive opportunity for you to get copies of his Bram Stoker Award-nominated collection THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS at HALF OFF the cover price. Order today and you could also join an exclusive group of horror lovers who will be among the first to read his highly anticipated upcoming novella, THE SUNKEN CATHEDRAL, prior to its release.

For a limited time only, when you purchase copies of THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS from, using the discount code below at checkout, you will receive a 50% discount on all trade paperback and eBook versions (ePUB or MOBI) of this Bram Stoker Award-nominated collection purchased. (Sorry, shipping is extra.)

And, as valued members of this community, we want to hear your thoughts on this critically acclaimed collection. Everyone who reads THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS and leaves a review at your favorite Amazon location worldwide (make sure to share a link to that review here so he can read your opinion), will receive a free eBook version (ePUB or MOBI) of his upcoming novella THE SUNKEN CATHEDRAL before its official release this spring.

The discount code below is made available exclusively to you and can only be used for purchase of copies of THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS at

Visit and get your copies of Taff’s Bram Stoker Award-nominated THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS today! Review the title on Amazon and be among the first to read John’s harrowing upcoming release, THE SUNKEN CATHEDRAL.

Discount Code: JIY4EDJJ8IV1
(Discount code expires March 13, 2015)

The End in All Beginnings is Runner-Up for Best Collection at This is Horror


Just saw this morning that The End in All Beginnings came in as the runner up for UK site This is Horror’s Best Fiction Collection of the Year, losing out to Stephen Graham Jones’ After the People Lights Have Gone Out.  We’re also both up for the Stoker in the Fiction Collection category, so here’s hoping that I place better in that…  ;  )  My good friend Josh Malerman won in the novel category for the brilliant Bird Box.  So, congrats Josh!

Onward to the Stokers!


Stoker-Nominated Author John F.D. Taff. Like the Regular Me, Just Better.


So, the Horror Writers Association announced the final ballot for its 2014 Bram Stoker Awards, which is like the Oscars for the horror industry.

My novella collection, The End in All Beginnings, published by Grey Matter Press has made the final ballot for Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection!

I am now officially a Stoker-Nominated Horror Author!  Thanks to Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson at Grey Matter and the indomitable R.J. Cavender, my editor!

Awards are bestowed at the World Horror Convention held in Atlanta this May.  Or as Deb calls it “Horror Prom.”

Say a prayer, cross your fingers, etc.

I am officially Stoked!

Go here to view the full ballot, and congrats to all the other very fine authors who are featured there–Rena Mason, Usman T. Malik, Eric Guignard, Joe McKinney, Jonathan Maberry, Patrick Freivald and my newest bestest friend Josh Malerman!


Please Donate to a Great Cause & Kick Pancreatic Cancer in the Taint.

I have been bestowed with the unlikely moniker of the “King of Pain.”  It’s something I’m curiously proud of because I think it speaks to the poignancy of my work.  But pain in real life?  Fugeddabout it!  Who needs that shit?

I’ve made quite a few friends over the interwebs during the last couple of years; people who’ve found me because of my writing and who have grown from great supporters to great friends.  There are a lot of them, too many to squeeze into this posting (hmmm…perhaps another time?), and that’s not really the point today.  Today two of my friends need help, and it’d be great if you could see your way clear to maybe offering some.

David and Amy Spell are fighting the good fight.  Amy was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  If you know anything about the various forms of cancer, you know that pancreatic cancer is the absolute motherfucker of the cancer world.  A little over a year ago, I lost a beloved uncle to the disease and so I have something of a personal vendetta against it.

In addition to everything else about it, it drains a family’s resources to be able to fight it.  So, David and Amy have reached out for help, with some fairly specific goals for the money raised.  David, with his horror review site, The Scary Reviews, is a vocal supporter of the independent horror press and horror authors, and I urge you to take a look at the fundraiser page and help out if you can.  They are both good people, and I’d love to see them get all the help they possibly can during this difficult period.

Go here to take a look and help.

Go here to see The Scary Reviews.

A Great Video Review for The Bell Witch!

So, my novel The Bell Witch got a great video review.  Just stumbled onto this the other day, so sorry for the delay.  This is Jeanette (hope I got the spelling right) over at The Dusty Library on Haunting TV.  It’s a good review, she enjoyed the book and her criticisms, I think, are valid.  Altogether a cool review.  And thanks to Nina D’Arcangela for providing Jeanette with the book.

Wanna Free Copy of The End in All Beginnings?



Grey Matter is hosting a giveaway for free copies of The End in All Beginnings over at Goodreads.  You have about 40 days to enter the contest, then some lucky people will win copies of the book.  Sounds simple, right?

Go here and enter then.

And, of course, you could eliminate chance altogether and just buy the damn thing here.


Great Interview with Me up at Fangoria Today!

Fangoria, that bloody venerable horror institution, posted an interview with me today on its site.  Some interesting stuff if you’re interested, say, in me.  If you’re not, then probably not so interesting.

Anyway, give it a read if you’re so inclined!


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