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10 Days Left to Win a Copy of My Stoker-Nominated Collection!


My Stoker-Nominated novella collection The End in All Beginnings is still tearing things up.  Great reviews, support from such industry luminaries as Jonathan Maberry, Jack Ketchum and Josh Malerman, a solid streak of 26-in-a-row 5-star Amazon reviews, and, of course, its aforementioned position as a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection.

Wow! Wouldn’t you like to have one?  Of course you would!

So buy one here.

Or you can takes your chances and enter Grey Matter’s Goodreads contest for a free copy.

Either way YOU WILL ENJOY IT.  I guarantee.

Working on finishing up my offering for the upcoming SUPER-STAR-PACKED I Can Taste the Blood collection, which should be out later this year (hopefully) featuring me, J. Daniel Stone, Joe Schwartz, Erik T. Johnson and Josh Malerman, he of Bird Box fame.

Also an announcement soon of a free-standing novella coming out in May from Grey Matter.  A rather harrowing little piece entitled The Sunken Cathedral.

Hold onto your malakas.  I think it’s going to be a terrific year!

Booked. Podcast with Me and Josh Malerman is EPIC! Listen Now!

Had an awesome time last night with Livius and Robb over at Booked. Podcast.  They discussed The End in All Beginnings, which got an awesome review, and interviewed me about the book and my work.  AND as an extra special bonus Josh Malerman sat in as a co-host to talk with me.  It was great, and we ended up going waaaayyyy over the time Robb and Livius allotted to the interview.  So, this one clocks in at more than an hour and a half.  But it’s freakin’ amazing.  We touch on a lot of things, from writing to horror tropes to what it means to be a Stoker-nominated author.

Head on over to Booked. Podcast to listen and/or download the piece.  There’s a little hint toward the end of a project Josh and I are involved with that also includes Erik T. Johnson, J. Daniel Stone and Joe Schwartz!

Kingsman? Over the Top, but Good. CHAPPiE? Over the Top, but Baaaadddd…and Not in a Good Way

Lots of stuff going on.

First, I have been sick since what seems like the dawn of time.  I have some sort of upper respiratory infection/sinusitis/Bubonic Plague thing going on that has resisted a Z-pack and two rounds of progressively stronger antibiotics.  I have literally been stuffed up since about November and have been to the Urgent Care Center 3 times with no relief.  Friday is a real doctor, to discuss this and an arm’s length of my health maladies.

Second, work is progressing slowly on I Can Taste the Blood, or at least my portion of it.  I will be humping to get it done before the deadline of March 31st that I myself imposed on everyone.  This is gonna be a killer project, folks, just sayin.  J. Daniel Stone.  Joe Schwartz.  Erik T. Johnson.  Josh Malerman.  And me.  More on this soon.

I’ve seen two movies in the past week, one with Deb and one without, and they were, curiously, two sides of a similar coin.  The first one, sans Deb, was Kingsman, a nifty little spy thriller…on acid.  It’s a sort of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table meets James Bond via Austin Powers.  And by that last character, I mean that it’s a but tongue in cheek(y), not played for comedy at all (though there are some funny parts).   It’s just a straight-up, whacked-out, over-the-top, ball-busting good movie.  Went it because I was sick of being at home and sick of being sick, and didn’t much expect to like it.  But I did.  The over-the-top quality was well played and sort of winked at, but not taken too seriously.

CHAPPiE, though, well…I fear that after seeing Neill Blomkamp’s entire oeuvre–District 9, Elysium and now this–he may be the new M. Night Shyamalan.  This movie started out unevenly and never found its feet.  It was wildly over the top, especially with the Hugh Jackman character.  And in a movie that wants to play on emotions, it never really controlled any of them in a way that made an emotional impact on me or created any emotional investment for me.  Deb and talked about this a great deal afterwards, but there were plot holes galore, the movie was 30 minutes to long, and the entire Hugh Jackman subplot could have been lifted entirely out of the film and his expository role could have been handled with a single line or flip of the switch.  Added to that is there are huge logical leaps the movie requires you to make.  For example, in week one, AI is developed.  In South Africa.  In week two, a method for transferring consciousness into a machine is created.  By the same characters. In South Africa.  Probably not.

Anyway, it was interesting to me to see how over the top can work, like in Kingsman, and where it doesn’t work, like in CHAPPiE.  Well, at least it was nice to get out with my wife and have a date night.

Tomorrow:  Interview with Josh Malerman and the fine folks over at the Booked Podcast.  Go over and have a listen when it’s up!

I’ll Be Appearing on Booked Podcast along with Josh Malerman!

The fine folks at Booked Podcast, one of the best podcasts around, will be featuring a review of The End in All Beginnings and an interview with me.  We’re recording it Wednesday evening, so it should be available by week’s end.’

Interesting news?  Josh Malerman, author of the fantastic Bird Box, will be participating in both the review and the interview sections of the podcast.  How cool is that?

Anyway, check over at Booked for more information!

Take 50% off The End in All Beginnings. Get The Sunken Cathedral for Free. FREE! 8 Days Left!


The fine folks over at Grey Matter Press are positively giddy over my Stoker Nomination for The End in All Beginnings.  So excited that they’re offering you, my loyal blog followers, a super-secret special offer, if you don’t already have a copy of the book.  This is done just for you, so follow the super-secret special instruction on how to accomplish all this.  PAY ATTENTION BECAUSE AS PART OF THIS, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO DO SOMETHING FOR ME.  I know, I know.  There’s always a catch, but at least this one’s a good one.

(And even though this is super-secret, just for you, my sweet, sweet blog follower you, I have no illusions that you might be inclined to share this surreptitiously with other unfortunate souls who don’t yet have a copy of The End in All Beginnings. So, whatevs.  Share away.  Just make sure, they, too, follow the instructions!)  Now…take it away Grey Matter:

To borrow a phrase from a famous first lady, we at Grey Matter Press believe that it truly “takes a village” to support the efforts of independent horror authors. And in this case that “village” is you, the online blog community and valued friends who have been a source of inspiration and encouragement for the exceptionally talented horror author John F.D. Taff.

To extend our gratitude to you, the loyal and engaging followers of this blog who’ve made this online community a vibrant village over the years and with whom John has built many long-lasting friendships, we’re offering an exclusive opportunity for you to get copies of his Bram Stoker Award-nominated collection THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS at HALF OFF the cover price. Order today and you could also join an exclusive group of horror lovers who will be among the first to read his highly anticipated upcoming novella, THE SUNKEN CATHEDRAL, prior to its release.

For a limited time only, when you purchase copies of THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS from, using the discount code below at checkout, you will receive a 50% discount on all trade paperback and eBook versions (ePUB or MOBI) of this Bram Stoker Award-nominated collection purchased. (Sorry, shipping is extra.)

And, as valued members of this community, we want to hear your thoughts on this critically acclaimed collection. Everyone who reads THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS and leaves a review at your favorite Amazon location worldwide (make sure to share a link to that review here so he can read your opinion), will receive a free eBook version (ePUB or MOBI) of his upcoming novella THE SUNKEN CATHEDRAL before its official release this spring.

The discount code below is made available exclusively to you and can only be used for purchase of copies of THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS at

Visit and get your copies of Taff’s Bram Stoker Award-nominated THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS today! Review the title on Amazon and be among the first to read John’s harrowing upcoming release, THE SUNKEN CATHEDRAL.

Discount Code: JIY4EDJJ8IV1
(Discount code expires March 13, 2015)



All that, and the motherfuckin’ Vision!

Here’s Where Josh Malerman and I Express Our Undying Love for Each Other



Have you read Josh Malerman?  If you haven’t, you’re missing out on a piece of the best horror fiction I’ve seen in decades–namely his debut novel, Bird Box.  It’s so well written, so different from anything out there that it’s like a breath of fresh air blowing a lot of other, lesser stuff aside and reminding you of the subtle, disturbing power good horror has.

Josh and I met through exchanging what’re called “consideration copies” of each other’s books for the Stoker Awards.  I sent him The End in All Beginnings.  He sent me Bird Box. To say that we were each impressed by the other’s offering is an understatement.  I think that, despite having just met each other, and even then only through the internet, and despite having never read anything else by the other, we discovered a deep familiarity with each other and our writing.

We’ve both gone on to tweet and talk about the other.  We’ve both gone on to be Stoker-nominated authors this year; him in Superior Achievement in a First Novel for Bird Box and me for Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection for The End in All Beginnings.  We’ve both talked about meeting up at this year’s World Horror Convention in Atlanta in May and raising a glass.  And we will…we will.

But today, oh, today, I saw an interview Josh just gave in support of an upcoming reader event he’ll be participating in.  The interview asked Josh to name the five novels that made him fall in love with horror.  Josh names The Face of Fear by Dean Koontz, Skeleton Crew by Stephen King, Books of Blood by Clive Barker, The Pet by Charles L. Grant,  and…wait for it…The End in All Beginnings by…well…me!  Here’s what he has to say about my collection.  While you read this, I will be standing over here in the corner, quiet and blushing fiercely:

“A collection of novellas I received in the mail a few months back from a fellow member of the HWA (Horror Writers Association.) I went into it knowing very little about it. Sometimes that’s the best way to read a story, especially a scary one, and sometimes that backfires, which is fine, but it’s true that sometimes it does. So, here I am, now I’m a man and I’ve got my own horror novel published and I’m working on the second one and I open Taff’s book and start reading and a few days later I’m done and I realize (!) that I’ve encountered one of the greats.

“Truly, Taff is great. These stories are so well done, man. I was smiling while reading, getting up and showing my fiancée Allison different passages, texting friends, and eventually writing John himself. And, yes, once again, here I am, falling in love with the genre, and who’s there in the room with me? It’s The End in All Beginnings is who. Sometimes you read a book at a perfectly timed moment in your life and you kinda’ can’t believe that this story, this writer, existed before you knew him. You think, “This coulda’ been the very first scary book I read! The one that got me to fall in love with the genre to begin with!

“And then you realize that, in a way, it is the very first scary book you read because it’s brought you all the way back to the beginning of things, way back when you signed up, when you shivered and smiled and thought, A horror life for me!”

Swoon.  Go here to read the entire interview.  Josh has tweeted a number of other things in support of my writing and mentioned me numerous times in other interviews, but this one really got to me.  And believe me, his opinion of me is fervently echoed by my opinion of him.  He’s awesome, and I can’t wait for more of his work to begin to ooze out from behind the door he opened with Bird Box.

I can hint, with a bigger announcement coming soon, that Josh and I will be participating in a project very, very soon.  Something very near and dear to my heart.  Something involving fellow writers Erik T. Johnson, J. Daniel Stone and Joe Schwartz.

Something wonderful…

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