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INFESTATION Gets Its First 5-Star Review!


INFESTATION, my latest novel with Books of the Dead Press, has garnered its first 5-star review on Amazon.

“This is a modern retelling of the fairy tale about the Pied Piper. It is not a story for children, however, and Ben, his wife and their children- in fact ALL of the children in St. Louis- will be part of an ancient drama that has been played out over and over again through the centuries.”

Go here to read the entire review…and buy a copy of INFESTATION!

Grey Matter’s Savage Beasts Out Aug. 11, With a Story from Me!


Grey Matter’s latest anthology is Savage Beasts, out Aug. 11.  This one features stories about the power (and terror, of course!) of music.  My story is “That Song You Can’t Get Out of Your Head,” which was inspired by the Disney song “Small World.”  Yikes, got that going in your head now, right?

And that’s sort of the point.

I share the TOC with a bunch of great people, namely Edward Morris, Karen Runge, Shawn Macomber, Konstantine Paradias, JC Michael, Daniel Braum, Maxwell Price, E. Michael Lewis, Paul Michael Anderson and T Fox Dunham.

Available at all the usual outlets…and just one week after the release of my other title with Grey Matter, The Sunken Cathedral!

Those Grey Matter folks…such great people.  And such discerning taste!

Here’s Some Random Nice Things People are Saying About Me.

Well, ya know, it’s my blog…


At any rate, premier reviewer John Milton has published a review of Grey Matter Press’ recent antho, Death’s Realm.  I have a little story in there called “Some Other Day.” John gives the book a great review, but also singles out my story thusly:

“Lauded genre veteran and fast becoming known as the ‘King of Pain’, John F.D.Taff earns his crown in the touching and emotional ‘Some Other Day’.”

That’s pretty nice!  Go here to read John’s entire review.  And get a copy of Death’s Realm, will ya?

And if you’re one of the six people who read this blog, you  know of the sale of my story “Cards for His Spokes, Coins for His Fare” to Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories, out next year from Crystal Lake Publishing.  Doug Murano, one of the antho’s editors, posted something nice about the story in Facebook the other day…ahem…

“Can’t wait to share this story with everyone. It’ll ruin your day in the most beautiful way you can imagine.”

That’s an awesome line, right there.  I can’t say too much about this story, but the beta readers (you know who you are) frakkin’ loved it.

Anyway, my picture also was in this month’s issue of Locus, the WHC/HWA con report issue.  The photo spread on the con features a picture of me and the dashing Tony Rivera and the lovely Sharon Lawson, publisher and editor at Grey Matter press, respectively, at the con.

Yeah, and unfortunately my name is misspelled…twice.  Bother.

I’ve Been Gutted!


So, dunno if you’ve heard or not, but Doug Murano and D. Alexander Ward, editors of the forthcoming Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories, announced their first accepted story.  Since this is my blog, you can probably guess that story was mine, a long short (or short novella) entitled “Cards for His Spokes, Coins for His Fare.”

Doug and I met at the recent WHC in Atlanta, where we talked about this project, an invite-only antho.  I told him I already had an idea going that sounded as if it would fit perfectly.  I finished the story when I got back, and I guess they agreed.  It’s another patented King of Pain story, centering around a young boy and his first 10-speed bike back in the early 1970s.  And then…well…to give you any more would be to spoil the delicious frisson of sadness that runs through the piece.

I’m jazzed about this particular story and very excited to be in this project.  I suspect they’re going to have more hellacious announcements to make soon, and that the TOC for this one will be outstanding.  It’s out next year from Crystal Lake Publishing, so more on it as I find out.

By the way, thanks to all the beta readers for this story for their help!  You know who you are.

Oh, and like the beautiful cover art?  It’s by artist Caitlin Hackett.

Follow the project on Facebook here.

Go to Crystal Lake Publishing for more info!

So, I’m the New Programming Chair for the HWA’s StokerCon 2016.

Well, after a few years of complaining about the programming at the World Horror Con, I’ve been asked to put my money where my open, flapping mouth is.

The Horror Writers Association, of which I am a proud member, decided this year to strike out on its own with a new event called StokerCon.  This premier horror event will take place in Las Vegas next year…and I’ve been announced as the programming chair–workshops, presentations, panels, etc.  Yikes!

What have I done?  Or, more importantly, what have they done?

Anyway, it’s already shaping up to be an uber-cool event.  Follow the StokerCon FB page here.

See you in Vegas next year!

Cover Reveal: My Loaded Gun, My Lonely Heart

New book from a great guy and fellow Grey Matter Press author. Be sure to take a look!

Martin Rose

Here it is, folks — the cover for My Loaded Gun, My Lonely Heart. Covers bring that magical element to the process as it becomes apparent that yes, this is indeed really happening. I’m pleased with the result, especially considering the subject matter of the story itself. My wonderful editor and the folks at Talos are looking at  November release this year for this one. Brace yourselves — promotions are coming!
myloadedgunHere’s the summary from the Amazon page:

“If you don’t know by now, we don’t deal in happy endings here . . .”

Vitus Adamson has a second chance at life now that he’s no longer a zombie, but after killing his brother Jamie, Vitus lands in prison on murder charges. Jamie’s death exposes secret government projects so deep in the black they cannot be seen—without Vitus, that is.

Sprung from jail, the government hires Vitus to clean up…

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