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Taking Some Time from Editing ICTTB, and Then There’s This…

So I needed a short break today from editing the stories in the upcoming collection I Can Taste the Blood, where my story shares space and the same title with the stories of Joe Schwartz, Erik T. Johnson, J. Daniel Stone and Josh Malerman.  I cruised the intertubes, and saw this trailer.

Next year seems to be a geek movie year, kicked off next week by Star Wars Episode VII.  Now, I’m an indifferent Star Wars fan.  I liked the three original movies and hated the prequels.  I’m really more of a Star Trek fan, and next summer, we have Star Trek Beyond.  And even though I’m a Trek fan, I’ve been lukewarm about the Abrams’ Trek movies.  They’re fun, great casting and action packed, but really not Trek at their heart.

But starting with Star Wars, we’ve got:  Captain America: Civil War, Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Star Trek Beyond, Dr. Strange, and now X Men: Apocalypse.  Don’t know how I feel about this one either.  The previous entry, X Men: Days of Future Past, left me curiously cold.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great, either.

I have great faith in Marvel.  They seem to know how to handle their properties.  Fox hasn’t demonstrated the same finesse in handling the Marvel properties they control, namely the X Men franchise (which has been up and down in terms of quality) and the Fantastic Four, which started bad and got worse.  So, I don’t know about X Men Apocalypse.  Loaded with great actors, and the storyline seems good, but…Oscar Isaacs, who is  very good actor, looks ridiculous in this.  Hope I’m wrong.




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