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The Bell Witch on BookBub Next Week; All My Books of the Dead Books 99 Cents!

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So, my publisher, Books of the Dead Press, scored a slot for The Bell Witch on BookBub on Tuesday, Feb. 2!  These spots are getting increasingly hard to come by, so this is good news.  The e-format copies of the book will be just 99 cents, so if you haven’t grabbed a copy of this novel yet, this’d be a good time to do so.

To celebrate this, Books of the Dead has also made all digital copies of my Books of the Dead offerings–my short story collection Little Deaths, the thriller Kill/Off and my latest INFESTATION–just 99 cents, too!  So for less than four bucks, you can snag yourself an entire John F.D. Taff Books of the Dead Library!

The fun begins Tuesday, Feb. 2, so watch your BookBub feed and don’t forget.  And, you kn0w, if you haven’t done so yet, reviews for any and all of these books are greatly appreciated!


A Look Into the Darkness of John C. Foster

Shotgun Logic

It’s a scary place. Down in the bowels of John C. Foster’s imagination. There are dark and deadly things lurking there and it’s best to tread with caution should you ever visit. I was first exposed to this darkness when I read his story, “Mister White,” collected in the Grey Matter Press anthology, DARK VISIONS: VOLUME TWO, and again in his story “Burial Suit,” in the anthology, DEATH’S REALM, from the same publisher. Then Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing comes out with this freaky fucking good novel, DEAD MEN, the first book in the Libros de Inferno series and the first book under John’s publishing belt and I’m sold: John C. Foster’s the real deal and the things he dreams up have the power to scare the shit out of you. I attribute that to the fact that he’s afraid of the dark. Turn off the light and leave him alone and…

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(Almost!) A Weekend Update

So, I’ve been up to my eyeballs with stuff lately.  What? you might ask?  Well, I’m agonna tell you, even if you didn’t ask.

What’s been occupying a great deal of my time is program planning for the Horror Writers Association’s first StokerCon this May in Las Vegas.  I’m the programming chair for the con, and it’s been a busy, wild ride so far putting together all of the readings, panels, presentations, workshops, etc. for this event.  It’s definitely kept me hopping, but I think the end results will be great.  If you’re attending this con, look for me.  I will doubtless be the frazzled fat man rushing to and fro.

What else?  Well, next weekend I go to Baltimore to be in Tom Monteleone’s  Borderlands Press Boot Camp, along with Rena Mason and Brad Hodson and about 20 other writers, basically to have our asses handed to us on a proverbial platter.  But Peter Straub will be there, so that’s awesome.  Yes, I have a man crush on Peter Straub.

Just sold a story today, which is awesome.  “The Bitches of Madison County” is sort of my warped take on The Bridges of Madison County.  It sold to Alessandro Manzetti’s upcoming antho The Beauty of Death, coming out in the next month or so.

Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories, which will be out in June with my novella “Cards for His Spokes, Coins for His Fare.”  This one is shaping up to be fantastic, with stories from Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Josh Malerman, Paul Tremblay, Brian Kirk a bunch of other fantastic authors.

Farolight Publishing will bring out my novella “The Desolated Orchard” as part of its Single Slices project, sometime mid year. The novella mashes up Greek mythology and the Dustbowl into something I hope is pretty interesting.

The big project this year, though, is I Can Taste the Blood, a novella collection wherein me, Josh Malerman, Joe Schwartz, Erik T. Johnson and J. Daniel Stone all contribute novellas based on the same title…I Can Taste the Blood.  This’ll come out from Grey Matter Press in August, and a big announcement is forthcoming.  I’m really excited about this, because this is one of those kitchen table ideas that Joe Schwartz and I came up with, and it’s exciting to see it come to fruition.  And the stories…oh, the stories are awesome.  Can’t wait for this to come out.

Got a couple other irons in the fire, maybe something to say soon.  Oh, btw, the paperback for my Books of the Dead Press novel INFESTATION will be out soon.  And The Bell Witch just scored a spot on BookBub.  I’ll share the date soon.  If you don’t have a copy, might be a good time to score one.  And who knows?  The Bell Witch has sold over 12,000 copies so far.  Might 20,000 copies be in the offing?  Frakkin’ amazing.

Anyway, hope you’re all well out in the Intertubes.  Take care and be good to each other!



The End in All Beginnings Grey Matter’s 2015 Bestseller!


So, The End in All Beginnings?  Remember that one?  Published by Grey Matter back in the good ole days of 2014?  Had a lot of nice things said about it.  Generated some buzz.  Was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection?  Yeah, that one.

Well, Grey Matter Press just announced that its No. 1 Bestselling Book of all of 2015 was…The End in All Beginnings!  Whooo–hooo!

Of  course, the book is still around, still available, still generating some buzz.  And you should buy it, if you haven’t already…give it a read.

What are Grey Matter’s two other bestsellers for 2015?  Well, No. 2 was Ominous Realities, which my story “Angie” appears in.  No. 3 was Dark Visions Vol. 1, which my story “Show Me” appears in.  Sensing a trend?

Pretty cool, huh?  And there’s plenty more of me where me came from…ummm…well, you understand.  Don’t you?

Stories next year in Gutted, I Can Taste the Blood, Cutting Block Press’ Single Slices…and maybe a few more things to announce…stay tuned!


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