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Get You Some Dread! For 50% Off!

So, my favorite publisher, Grey Matter Press, has put out the first volume of their “best of” stories, Dread:  A Head Full of Bad Dreams, and it’s titanically, insanely awesome.  From the design of the book to its contents, Dread is a volume of dark horror that commands to be read.

Here’s what it looks like:


Dread features stories culled from Grey Matter Press’ first year in publishing, a heady year that saw Tony Rivera and Sharon Lawson nominated for a Stoker Award for Dark Visions, Vol. 1.  The cool thing about Dread is that they allowed readers to choose the stories featured in Dread, 20 stories from about 90 stories published in the Grey Matter Press anthos Dark Visions, Vols. 1 & 2, Splatterlands, Ominous Realities and Equilbrium Overturned.

So, Dread features stories from some pretty terrific authors–everyone from Jonathan Maberry and Ray Garton to Bracken MacLeod, Trent Zelazny, Jane Brooks, John Foster and J. Daniel Stone.  And…ummm…well, readers actually selected two of my stories for inclusion. Blush.

Anyway, Dread will be published in three flavors on May 24–digital format, trade paperback and a limited edition hardcover set at just 100 copies.  You can pre-order Dread here.

But…wait!  Do you really want it?  I mean REALLY?  Because I can help.

I have a very limited number of discount codes redeemable for 50% off the cost of the digital edition of Dread.  Half off!  If you respond to this posting with your email, I will send you your own code!  Really.  But when I say I have a limited number of these babies, I’m truth telling here.  So, let me know quickly, and your discount code will be on its way.

Folks, this really is one of the nicest, classiest anthologies I’ve seen in a looooooonnnnngggg time.  And the stories are cream of the crop.  To get all this in one package is great.  To get it for 50% off is crazy.  Take advantage of this now, before the craziness wears off.

Dr. Strange. ‘Nuff Said.


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