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“Cards for His Spokes, Coins for His Fare” in Gutted, Late June!


Luke Spooner’s moody interior art from my story, “Cards for His Spokes, Coins for His Fare,” which will be featured in Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories, out from Crystal Lake Publishing late in June.  This long short story (or short novella…whatever) deals with childhood and loss and pain and the things we must let go.  It appears alongside stories from Ramsey Campbell, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Josh Malerman, Paul Tremblay, Brian Kirk and a veritable who’s who of modern horror.

I love this piece of artwork, and I think it captures the story perfectly.  We’ll see what you think when it comes out in a few weeks!  Thanks to editors Doug Murano and David Alexander Ward!

“The Bitches of Madison County” in The Beauty of Death!


My immediately next appearance will be in Alessandro Manzetti’s (he just won a Stoker award for his poetry collection) The Beauty of Death.  This little beauty features stories from a veritable galaxy of horror authors, and I’m pretty proud to be in it (and, incidentally, share a TOC with Mr. Peter Straub.

My contribution is a short story entitled “The Bitches of Madison County.”  Now, before you get all wound up about such a misogynist title, it’s hopefully apparent that it’s a play on that book by  Robert James Waller.  Except my story follows the downward spiral of a disgraced nature photographer who decides to photostudy the local…ummm…fauna in his apartment complex.  The story is dark, dark, dark, but does have a sort of sense of humor.

Anyway, this will be out sometime next month from Alessandro’s Independent Legions Publishing.  When I get more information, you shall have it.

“The Desolated Orchard” Blooms in June


My next project is this freestanding novella, published by Cutting Block Books as part of its Single Slices program.  It’s called “The Desolated Orchard,” and it will be out in late June in digital format through Amazon.

“The Desolated Orchard” is an idea that came to me quite forcefully.  I woke in the night and jotted it down on the pad I keep on my nightstand.  The story came easily, as it usually does when I find the voice of the main character.  The story itself is a mixture of Greek mythology and the Dustbowl era in the U.S. and touches on themes that I like to explore, including love, unrequited love and exactly what lengths people will go to to avoid love…or accept it.

Farolight Publishing/Cutting Block has done a great job with it.  I like the retro vibe of the cover, reminding me so much of those ’40s and ’50s paperback novels.  I can’t wait for this one to hit, either.

The fine folks at Cutting Block tell me “The Desolated Orchard” will be up for pre-orders in early June for just 99 cents!  I’ll let you know more information as it becomes available.

Farolight has already published two stories in this program, “Florie Detail” by Jason Wyckoff and “The Lottons Show” by Marsheila Rockwell and Jeffrey Mariotte.  Only 99 cents.  Support this fantastic publisher putting out some quality work.



The Blood Flows. August 2016


Finally.  It’s here.

Well, almost…

I Can Taste the Blood.  The result of almost two years, five authors, three editors and one effin’ awesome publisher.  I can’t tell you how jazzed, how completely excited I am to finally bring this book to you, to share the stories inside with you.  They are insanely good, insanely different and insanely spooky, gruesome, mind-twisting and terrifying.

I’m serving as an editor on this one, with the fantastic Tony Rivera.  I took a galley with me to the first-ever StokerCon a week or so ago, editing it between panels and sessions and what not.  The show was terrific, but reading through all of these stories–by Josh Malerman, Joe Schwartz, Erik T. Johnson, J. Daniel Stone and myself–all together for the first time, all showcased in the fantastic book that Tony has book together.  Now that was great.

I Can Taste the Blood.  It flows Aug. 2014.

More on three other projects in the next couple of days.


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