Reviewers are loving I Can Taste the Blood!


So, it has begun…

Five authors.  Nearly three years.  Two editors. One Publisher.

I Can Taste the Blood is finally here.

And it’s off to a great start.  Reviews have already begun for this five-novella collection, and they’re…well…incredible.

Here’s some places you can go to learn more about this fantastic book.

This is Horror:  Reviewer Shane D. Keene interviewed me for this site, and the interview was so sprawling it was split into two parts.  You can read it here and here.

Shane also reviewed I Can Taste the Blood and called it, among other wonderful things, “a tour de force for Grey Matter Press and for the five outstanding dark fiction authors gathered here.”

Read his review here.

Then, Adrian Shotbolt interviewed me.  You can read his interview here.  And he reviewed the book for the Ginger Nuts of Horror (Yes, it’s a major player in horror reviews. Yes, that’s its actual name.  Yes, there’s a story about the name).  He said “This collection of five novellas from five different writers sees a smorgasbord of speculative fiction on offer to readers that appreciate the darker things in life”

Read his entire review here.

Finally, four of the five of us–J. Daniel Stone, Erik T. Johnson, Joe Schartz and I–participated in a hugely epic, sprawling podcast with Robb and Livius over at Booked.Podcast.  We had an effin’ great time, even though we missed our co-author Josh Malerman, off on a family golf outing.  But we managed to cover for him, and the podcast is great fun, introduces you to some fantastic writers and really gives some background into how I Can Taste the Blood came together and where the stories originated.  Robb and Livius also really loved the book, and gave it a glowing review at the end of the 90 minutes of manic author madness.

Go here to listen to this epic podcast.

That’s it for now.  More stuff planned as we roll this book out.  Hope you’ll give it a look-see.  I think you’ll like it.

I Can Taste the Blood is up for sale right now, in digital and paperback formats.  Go here to get it:


Barnes & Noble

Other places, too, I’m sure.


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