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A Great Review for The Desolated Orchard from Tangent Online!


If you haven’t yet gotten a copy of my novella The Desolated Orchard, you might want to.  First, it’s only 99 cents.  And second, well, the reviews so far have been excellent.  That was underscored the other day when Tangent Online, that venerable speculative fiction review site that’s been so good to me in the past, gave the piece a great review–and it’ll be appearing on the site’s 2016 Recommended Reading List.

Go here to read the entire review.

Go here to buy a copy of The Desolated Orchard.

I’ll post Tangent’s Reading List when it goes live, which should be fairly soon.

Also, I have quite a few projects lined up for 2017. Eleven, in fact, at the current moment.  I think this is more (by quite  few) projects I’ve ever had lined up for a single year.  I can’t announce any of them at the moment…but soon, very soon I’ll be able to post something where I can shock and awe you with my peripatetic 2017 presence.


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