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Behold! I’m in Behold!


So, I dunno if you’ve seen the Facebook announcement, but Doug Murano has accepted a story of mine for his next anthology project, Behold!  Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders, coming out from Crystal Lake this July.  They’ve already announced stories from Kristi DeMeester, Erinn Kemper and Ramsey Campbell, and that’s just a start. There are more BIG announcements coming for this book, as well as some fantastic illustrations by Luke Spooner.  (I’ve seen the one for my story…it’s phenomenal.)

My story is entitled “A Ware That Will Not Keep,” and involves the Holocaust, a Golem and very regretful grandfather. It’s one I’m particularly proud of, so I’m excited to see it presented in such a cool antho.

I’ve also got a story, “Shug,” in Doug’s and David Alex Ward’s Shadows Over Main Street 2, and “Last Call” in Mark Matthews’ upcoming Garden of Fiends.

I’m waiting on a literal signing on the dotted line to announce some other big projects, so keep watching.  Gonna be a big year!




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