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My New Four-Book Deal with Grey Matter Press!

So, yay me!  I just signed (Well, actually it was a while back.  We’re just announcing it now.) a four-book deal with Tony Rivera at Grey Matter Press.  They’re the publishers that brought my Stoker-Award nominated The End in All Beginnings to market.  They’ve been a great supporter of my work, and it’s a terrific feeling to know that they want to become, essentially, THE publisher of the entire John F.D. Taff catalog.

Two of the books in the deal will be repackaged (new edit, cover, etc.) versions of my out -of-print novels The Bell Witch and Kill-Off.  These should be out later this summer.  The third book will be a special 5th anniversary edition of my first fiction collection, Little Deaths.  But we’re jazzing it up with five stories new to this collection, expanded notes from me and an extra-special foreword by Josh Malerman, bestselling author of Bird Box and now Black Mad Wheel.  This should be out in the fall, and will lead to…

A brand-new fiction collection entitled Little Black Spots, will be out this fall, too.  It will feature a combination of previously published stories and a whole slew of stories never before seen anywhere.  And, yeah, the title plays off my “King of Pain” moniker.  The stories, too, will be the type of hard-hitting, emotional gut punches you’ve come to expect from me, hopefully with some unforeseen twists.  And, yeah, I know.  I guess I should trademark the word “little.”

Anyway, so that’s the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.  I’m really excited to be working with Tony and Sharon at Grey Matter Press.  Humbled that they’d want to take on all of my work to date.  Excited to be able to share with you more information over the weeks and months ahead–covers, TOCs, etc.

And remember, I’ve got other work appearing this year.  Stories in Shadows Over Main Street 2, Behold!, and a few other places.  Cutting Block Books is compiling all of the novellas in its Single Slices program into a new anthology this summer, in which my story The Desolated Orchard will appear.  And a few other things.  Meanwhile, my new novel The Fearing continues to make the rounds.  More on that…later!

Go here to see the announcement from Grey Matter Press!


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