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Okay, so…I had a small stroke, so I’ve been away from things for a while.  Small stroke, some lingering effects, but it’ll return to normal soon.  Double vision, some wobbly walking, nothing too bad.  Very lucky.

But there are some big things happening.  As the six of you who read this blog might now, I signed a four-book deal with Grey Matter Press, my good friends up in Chicago.  Two of these four will be bringing back books previously brought to market by another publisher–the thriller Kill-Off and the historical ghost story The Bell Witch.  Both will feature new edits and new covers.   Kill-Off will be out sometime early in October; The Bell Witch on Halloween.

Little Deaths, my first short story collection, will also get a brand-new Definitive Edition, a sort of celebration of its 5th anniversary.  The new edition features new notes from me, five additional stories new to this collection, and a brand new introduction by Josh Malerman, bestselling author of Bird Box and Black Mad Wheel.  This will be out soon; stay tuned for more details…


Isn’t that awesome?  It’s kind of an evolved look from the original cover of Little Deaths, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, all this leads up to a brand-new collection, Little Black Suns, coming out in the Spring of 2018.  Probably 16 stories at this point, about half reprints and half brand-new stories, including a novella that will finish up the story started in I Can Taste the Blood and continued with my story “Shug” in the upcoming Shadows Over Main Street 2, out October 13.


Lots of big authors in this one, including Joyce Carol Oates (!).

And don’t forget my short story “A Ware That Will Not Keep,” in Behold: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders, out right now! 15589629_222672294854443_3233831624135063180_n

Here’s the illustration for my story, from the great Luke Spooner:

LlGvtFNr (1)

And finally, I wrote a novella that Cutting Block Books brought out last year, entitled The Desolated Orchard.  About the old gods, love and what you’d give up for love.  Now, Cutting Block is packaging it with a few other novellas and bringing it back out in an omnibus volume, Cutting Block Single Slices Vol. 1.  Get it now!

More soon!





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