Update on Stuff!

Look at this.  What a bad blogger I’ve been not to address my blog in over a month.  Bad, horrible, naughty, evil Zoot!

Anyway, what’s going on?  So, pretty much 98% recovered from my little stroke. So, things are back to normal (whatever that means) here at Taff Lodge.

Looking for an agent for The Fearing, but many are put off by the book’s length–nearly 600 manuscript pages and 145,000 words.  But it’s out there, making the rounds.  We’ll see…

Meanwhile, I’ve started on my next novel, He Left.  Can’t say much about it other than it’s completely different from The Fearing.  Shorter, tighter.  Nostalgic.  The 1970s.  Childhood, friendship and parenting.  Aliens. UFOs. Oh yeah, and death.  Shooting for April to have it finished, and it’s coming smoothly, easily.  Gonna be a heartbreaker I think…at least I hope.  Two chapters in so far!

Working on some short stories right now, too.  Trying to replenish the well, which was basically run dry by Little Black Spots, the new collection coming out from Grey Matter Press next Spring.  More on that later.

Meanwhile, Grey Matter Press is putting out a 5th anniversary Definitive Edition of Little Deaths, complete with a new cover, five new stories, new notes and an afterword from me, and also a new foreword by Josh Malerman, author of Bird Box and Black Mad Wheel and Goblin.

And Kill-Off takes on a more hardboiled cover, and an excellent introduction from Joe Fucking Schwartz, author of Stabco and A Season Without Rain.

The Bell Witch, too, is getting a makeover; a great new cover and an excellent intro by Bracken MacLeod, author of Stranded and 13 View of the Suicide Woods.  I’ll show you the cover for that, too, soon.  Did you know that the 200th anniversary of the Bell Witch legend is this year?


My story The Desolated Orchard, which made it to Tangent Online’s Recommended Reading List last year, was featured in Cutting Block Book’s omnibus Single Slices anthology.  Get it here.


My story, “A Ware That Will Not Keep,” was in Behold: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders.  It’s been well-received, both the story and the book.


My story, “Shug,” was in Shadows Over Main Street 2 (along with a story from Joyce Carol Oates!).  Get it here!

I’ve written the introductions to two swell books, both first collections of stories from two of my favorite authors–and people!  The first is J. Daniel Stone’s Love Bites and Razorlines. 


The second is Erik T. Johnson’s Yes, Trespassing.  These are both excellent, inspired and out there collections of work from these two authors.


Get them both!


I’ve also got a reprinted story, “The Scent,” appearing in Eric Guignard’s The Five Senses of Fear, out soon.

What am I working on?  Well, I’ve got a project I’m working that involves six other authors, each writing novellas.  Publisher secured, out late next year.  More soon.

Another possible project I can’t discuss.

A GIANT possible project that I, alas, cannot discuss.

My own next novel, which I’ve already discussed.  Various other shorts and novellas and projects that I will discuss in good time.

So, to recap:

  1. Not Dead
  2. Novel Started
  3. Various Projects Out
  4. Various Other Projects Begun

I know I’ve forgotten something, either to share or to vaguely hint about.  Oh well, enough for now!  Thanks for stopping by!

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