All of My Stuff Under One Roof–Finally!


All of my works are finally under one house, and it’s a great one–Grey Matter Press, Chicago.

Had a little hiccough earlier this year when one of my other publishers shuttered, leaving Little Deaths, The Bell Witch and Kill-Off in limbo.  But Grey Matter stepped in, and now they are the (hopefully!) proud publishers of my entire library.

Each book received an entirely new, thorough edit and polish, as only Grey Matter can do.  Believe me, these books sing now.  And spectacular new covers.  In addition, they also received new afterwords and notes from me.

The Bell Witch also received a great introduction, “A Skeptic’s Guide to The Bell Witch,” by Bracken MacLeod, author of Stranded, 13 Views of the Suicide Woods, and Come to Dust.  Cool note:  this year marks the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the hauntings that became known as the Bell Witch.  And December 21st–coincidentally (or not), my birthday!–marks the 196th anniversary of the death of the family patriarch, Jack Bell.  Auspicious!

Little Deaths gets the biggest makeover, though, in what’s being called Little Deaths: The Definitive Edition.  Five years since my first fiction collection was published, this book gets all new notes from me, a new afterword, five stories brand spankin’ new to this collection (bringing the total to a generous 24 stories!), and a spectacular new introduction by none other than Josh Malerman, author of Bird Box, Black Mad Wheel, Goblin, and soon, Unbury Carol.

The End in All Beginnings, my five novella, Stoker-Nominated collection, gets a subtle cover makeover to bring it in line with the other books.

Trade paperback editions of all of these books are available December 12, with e-editions coming toward the end of the year.

And…hold on…we’re not done yet.  All of this builds toward something, and that something is something entirely new.  And that something is…

Little Black Spots.

My brand-new fiction collection coming in Spring 2018 from Grey Matter.  Some reprint stories, some totally, wholly new, never-published-before stories. Very excited about this, and more news and stuff as we creep closer to the date.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll feature each one of these new books, talk a little more about them, share some stories, etc.  And, who knows?  Maybe I’ll tease a little more about Little Black Spots.  A TOC maybe?  Cover?  Who knows?  Watch this space for more news, and head over to Amazon Dec. 12 to grab new copies of these books.

And, by the way, thanks for all of your support over the years.  It keeps me going.

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