Little Deaths: The Definitive Collection


So, this year marks the fifth anniversary of my very first short fiction collection, Little Deaths.  It’s been a helluva five years.

Little Deaths, as it turned out, put me on the map in a way that my 20 years of writing beforehand hadn’t.  And it’s been the little collection that could, outselling just about every other things I’ve done (save for The Bell Witch), an amazing 20,000 copies.

Like my other works recently picked up by Grey Matter, Little Death‘s first publisher had run onto hard times and had to let the titles go.  Tony at Grey Matter wanted ’em all, and tomorrow, December 12, he releases all new versions of Kill-Off, The Bell Witch and Little Deaths (also a slightly revised version of The End in All Beginnings, but more on that tomorrow).

Little Deaths, like the other works, gets a whole new edit, thorough as only Grey Matter can.  Also I wrote a new Afterword and revised the Notes section.  And we added five stories to this edition–thus the Definitive Collection–bringing the total to a generous 24 stories.

But perhaps the most exciting thing for me was to have Josh Malerman, author of Bird Box and Black Mad Wheel and Goblin and soon-to-be-released Unbury Carol, write a brand new Introduction.  And, well, it’s awesome.

Though the original edition of Little Deaths had a great cover, this edition kind of plays on it, with slightly more evolved take.

Little Deaths: The Definitive Collection is out tomorrow at all the major outlets, in trade paperback.  E-editions to follow by the end of the year.

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