It’s a Big Day!

So, today marks republishing day for three of my books–Kill-Off, The Bell Witch and a Definitive Edition of Little Deaths!  All under the imprint of Grey Matter Press, simply one of the very best dark fiction publishers out there, operated by Tony Rivera, who is not only a savvy marketer and brainy publisher, but someone I’ve come to call a close friend.



I met Tony via email, I dunno, about five years ago now, when I submitted two stories to an open call by a new publisher, Grey Matter Press.  I sent two stories, “Show Me” and “Angie.”  After some back and forth, Tony bought them both.  “Show Me” would appear in Grey Matter’s Bram Stoker Nominated collection Dark Visions Vol. 1, and “Angie” would appear in Ominous Realities.

And we were off to the races.  Tony and I seem to share similar views about writing, horror, publishing. (Not music, though.  I am more prog rock; he is more thrash metal.) Tony bought “Some Other Day” for his Death’s Realm antho and “That Song You Can’t Get Out of Your Head” for Savage Beasts.  In Dread, a Best Of Grey Matter anthology where readers voted on the stories, “Angie” and “Show Me” also appeared.  I was one of only two authors who had two stories in this, the other being Horror God Ray Garton.

And, of course, Tony tabled the idea of taking I Can Taste the Blood anywhere else when I brought it up first to him.  Of course it would be published by Grey Matter.

Through it all, as I wrote and sought new readers, Tony and Grey Matter have been there.  So when my other publisher fell on hard times, as so often happens in the indie press world, Tony said “of course” he wanted to bring those titles under the Grey Press mantle.  And he’s done it.  I cannot be more proud, impressed and excited about the new edits and new clothes he’s given to these books.

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And he went ahead and gave The End in All Beginnings–my own Stoker-Nominated title released by Grey Matter–a slight sprucing up, too.  A tweak to the cover, a revised Afterword from me, and a brand new introduction by none other than Shane Douglas Keene, reviewer at his Shotgun Logic blog and for other sites such as This is Horror.  Oh, and Shane has been a big and very appreciated supporter of mine for a while now.  So getting him to say a few words was spectacular.

So that’s it for now.  But you won’t have to wait too long.  Lurking in the shadows is a whole new collection of mine, Little Black Spots, out in 2018.  Oh, and some other stuff here and there.

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