Little Black Spots, Summer 2018



My next book, Little Black Spots, coming late this summer, 2018.

Isn’t that an awesome cover?

Notice it says “With a Special Guest Introduction.”  Yeah, I’m working on that, and it will be filled in with someone great, I promise!

The TOC has 16 stories in it, 8 previously appearing, 8 brand, spankin’ new.

  • The Bunny Suit   NEW
  • The Depravity of Inanimate Things
  • The Dark Level
  • Everything Must Go   NEW
  • A Winter’s Tale   NEW
  • Their Hands   NEW
  • The Night Bird
  • Just a Phone Call Away
  • The Immolation Scene
  • Purple Soda Hand   NEW
  • Three Dog Night
  • The Night Moves
  • A Kiss from the Sun for Pardon   NEW
  • The Bitches of Madison County
  • Gethsemane, In Rain   NEW
  • The Coriolis Effect or Chiromancy for Beginners   NEW

More on each of these stories as we get closer to publication date.  But I am inordinately, superlatively proud of this collection.  I think it’s some of my best work yet.  And I’m tremendously excited to share it with you.  As always, Tony and everyone at Grey Matter has done a tremendous job with this book.  They’re now five books deep in my oeuvre–with the definitive edition of Little Deaths, Kill-Off, The Bell Witch and Stoker Award-nominated The End in All Beginnings. 

And…who knows?  Maybe a big, major announcement of something freakin’ awesome coming soon?  Oh yeah….

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