My First Audiobook, The Bell Witch!


I’ve taken my first steps into a larger world.

Audiobooks are something I’ve been into ever since I was actually working in an actual office and actually having to drive back and forth each day.  My commute was about an hour each way, so it was nice to have something to pass the time, rather than annoying, abrasive, semi-funny morning/afternoon DJs.

Enter audiobooks.

Sometimes it’s nice to have someone read you a story.  As long as the narrator doesn’t rub me the wrong way–which is a purely personal thing–audiobooks can be a pleasant way to absorb a book.  Not every book, mind you, and not all the time.  But I love books so much, it doesn’t really matter to me, paperback or hardcover, ebook or audio.  Whatever.  Give me books.

Matt Godfrey, a noted audiobook…narrator isn’t the right word.  More of a performer, really, as the best in this business are.  Matt approached me about The Bell Witch.  Why wasn’t there an audiobook for it?

Good question, since friend and fellow author Mark Matthews had been urging me on for years.  His forays into this were very successful, and he assured me it was an easy thing.

Now, most authors own the audio rights to their works, unless they’ve signed them away.  I own mine, so I could do whatever I wished.  That also meant, of course, that I would be financially fronting the cost of doing this all by myself.  And to do it right, which I always strive for, was, while not super costly, at least a few bills.

But Matt convinced me, and we were off to the races.  And what Matt came up with is just…well…brilliant.  Perfect.  Couldn’t have captured the spirit of the book–both literally and figuratively–better.

Check it out for yourself.  It’s up at Amazon and at ITunes right now, if you’d like someone to read you a good, proper American ghost story–eleven hours of it!

I’m so happy with the results, that I’ll be working with Matt again shortly to produce an audiobook of my upcoming collection LITTLE BLACK SPOTS, which will be out in August. Should be fun!  Until then…



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