Ugh, So I’ve Updated My Blog Already…

From time to time, I remember that I do, indeed, have a blog that I’m supposed to maintain, that the six of you who follow my career–such as it is–actually consult from time to time to see what I’m up to.  Generally, when I remember this, I go through several Kubler-Ross-type stages.  First is denial.  That usually doesn’t work.  Then comes anger at the idea of having to update it.  Then comes…well, frankly other stuff that I’m too lazy to keep this idea going…Blah, blah, blah.

So since I’m here already, I might as well actually update you as what I’m actually doing.

So, definites first.  My new collection LITTLE BLACK SPOTS will be out from Grey Matter Press in probably September or October.  We’re waiting for a really swell Horror Biggie to write a really swell introduction for it.  (I actually know who this is, I just can’t tell you.  Yet.)  This one features 16 stories, half of them unseen by any save me and a ridiculously few other lucky souls, half of them reprinted.  I think some of these stories are my best work, while others of them are my work.

Then, in the spring of next year, my epic novel, THE FEARING, is out from Grey Matter.  It’s a huge, door-stoppery kind of book of which plenty of BIG AUTHORS have great things to say.  You’ll hear more on this one later, but I’m really proud of this work.  If you love grand, apocalyptic tales with multiple groups of characters coming together to DO THE THING, you will love this book.  At least I think so.

I’ve got stories appearing in a few places that you should know about.  I have a story that will be in I CAN HEAR THE SHADOWS, my group project with The 5ive–Joe Schwartz, Erik T. Johnson, J. Daniel Stone and Josh Malerman.  We’re finishing this up right now, and we’ll be looking for a publisher for what we plan as a series of books.  I’ve read all of them except for Josh’s at the moment, and they’re FANTASTIC.

I’ve also got a story called “All You Care to Eat” in a secret project I’ve concocted that does have a publisher, whom I can’t mention yet because they haven’t announced it, for release in probably 2019 sometime.

Also got a secret collaborative project with Brian Kirk, which I will begin soon.

I’m finishing up a tight little 1970s nostalgic coming-of-age horror story called HE LEFT.  No publisher as of yet, but I’ll be shopping it around soon.

Got another story for another secret project with some fantastic, award-winning editor that I can’t yet mention.

Collaborating with another effin’ great author with the initials of J.Malerman, which I can’t say too much about.  Oh, and another secret project with Josh M. that I can’t talk about.

Anything else?  Um, yeah, I have the follow-up to THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS simmering away, five or six novellas on a theme I don’t want to throw out there just yet.  But I have the title ready.  ALL WE LEAVE BEHIND.

There.  That’s about it.  Blog update until I remember it next.

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