The Fearing: Blood & Brimstone Kickstarter Now Live!

I started writing The Fearing, oh, I dunno, in like 2011 or 2012. Got about 40 pages in, then it was like slogging through thick mud. I’d write a little, go away, write a little, etc. Rinse, repeat. Deb hounded me (well, just a little) about when I would finish the book. Well, cut to 2018, and I finished it. Yay me! Grey Matter picked it up, split it into four novellas, and released it serially in 2019.

More yay me!

It was met by some brisk sales, lots of hand wringing between the release of each of the four books, and some critical acclaim. Mother Horror (Sadie Hartmann) even called it “the story of the century.” Wow.

Then it was over, and as happens, life went on.

Last year before the holidays closed in, I was contacted by Matt Corley of Saturday Morning Scenarios about the idea of translating The Fearing into a role-playing game (RPG). I was intrigued. And the more we talked, the more we thought that it might be could to write a new Fearing novella.

So I did. The Fearing; Blood & Brimstone sits nicely in the continuum of The Fearing, broadening the story of Tim Jacoby and Tam Washington. But it does so in a way that you don’t even have to have read the rest of The Fearing. Blood & Brimstone can be a reader’s introduction to the entire world. They can then go back and read the larger work. No prob. Or you can enjoy it having already read the larger work. Either way, it works fine.

Matt’s going to fold the metaphysics of The Fearing into a larger horror RPG, with a launch point of next Spring. But we thought we’d launch the novella early, with a Kickstarter that is active now through Oct. 9.

The Fearing: Blood & Brimstone will be released in signed hardcover, softcover and digital edition. And man are the production values high. From cover art by the wonderful Francois Vaillancourt to interior, four-color illustrations by equally wonderful Stefan Koidl. From slick, heavy paper to great layout, this book is wonderful.

And the Kickstarter goal is low. We did that on purpose to be able to over-deliver. And we will, I’m confident of that.

But it’s moving a little more slowly than we might have hoped here on Day 3. Sure, we’re at almost 40% of the goal already, but as I mentioned it was a low threshold.

So take a minute to look at the Kickstarter page:

Pledge an amount for the reward you want. There are even easy international options for people who have the good sense not to live in the U.S. these days.

I want to see this succeed, not just for my own fragile ego (of course!), but also because Matt does such an effing good job, I want him to continue to do this.

So, go, get a book or three. And watch for more information on the RPG portion of this, which I am sure will start to trickle out soon.

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