John F.D. Taff is a Bram Stoker Award-Nominated author with nearly 30 years experience in all sorts of writing…public relations, marketing, sales, journalism and creative.  He’s a published author with more than 80 short stories and seven novels in print.  His writing tends to be categorized as “horror,” though most of it has a weird, pulpy Twilight Zone vibe to it.  He also writes fantasy, suspense and some science fiction.  Over the years, six of his short stories have been awarded honorable mentions in Datlow & Windling’s Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror.

John resides in a lovely house smack in the middle of the country.  He shares the house with his three wonderfully cute pugs, Sadie, Tovah & Muriel.  He shares his life with his wonderful wife, Deborah, who puts up with a great deal from him.  He has three mostly grown children–Harry, Sam and Molly.

Here’s a semi-incomplete list of publishing credits, if’n you’re interested.

  • The Two of Guns, Eldritch Tales, Honorable Mention,  Best New Fantasy & Horror, 1993
  • Fluid Motion, Aberrations
  • She Unmasks Her Beauty to the Moon, Eldritch Tales 
  • Shiny Red Nails, Aberrations
  • The Lacquered Box, Jack O’Spec   
  • A New Lease on Life, Midnight Zoo  
  • Love Tap, Eldritch Tales
  • Track Eight, Shock Rock II
  • Calendar Girl, Short-Story.me
  • Cold Calls, 2AM, Best New Vampire Stories
  • Helping Hands, Malicious Malpractices
  • Just a Phone Call Away, Hot Blood: Seeds of Fear,  Honorable Mention, Best Fantasy & Horror, 1995
  • Omnimpotent, Aberrations    
  • The Dark Level, Deathrealm, PseudoPod,  Honorable Mention, Datlow & Windling’s Best Fantasy & Horror, 1996        
  • Three Silent Things, Cemetery Dance
  • Orifice, Hot Blood:Fear the Fever, PseudoPod,  Honorable Mention, Best Fantasy & Horror, 1996
  • Sharp Edges, Morpheus Tales
  • Gingerbread Men, Toe Tags 2     
  • The Water Bearer,  Short-Story.me
  • The Night Bird, Big Pulp 
  • Lincoln & Booth at the Orpheum, The Next Time
  • Here, Short-Story.me
  • Three Dog Night, Darker, Best New Werewolf Tales
  • The Mellified Man, Night Chills
  • Box of Rocks, Box of Delights
  • Snapback, Schrodinger’s Mouse 
  • Child of Dirt, One Buck Horror
  • The Tentacle,  Call of Lovecraft
  • The Forgetting,  Fracas
  • Dust at the Center of All Things, Evil Jester Digest #1
  • The Immolation Scene, Horror Library V
  • The Depravity of Inanimate Things, Horror for Good
  • The Night Moves, Postscripts to Darkness 4
  • Three Silent Things, Shades of Blue & Grey
  • Show Me, Dark Visions 1
  • Angie, Ominous Realities
  • Planting Robert, Big Pulp
  • The Skin Club, Beware the Dark
  • Some Other Day, Death’s Realm
  • Little Deaths (Short Story Collection), 2012, Books of the Dead Pres
  • The Bell Witch, 2013 (Novel) Books of the Dead Press
  • Kill/Off, 2013 (Novel) Books of the Dead Press
  • The End in All Beginnings (Novella Collection), 2014, Grey Matter Press
  • That Song You Can’t Get Out of Your Head, Savage Beasts, Spring 2015, Grey Matter Press
  • Infestation,  2015 (Novel) Books of the Dead Press
  • “Apt Pupae” Feb. 2016, Not Your Average Monster, Vol. 2
  • I Can Taste the Blood, (Novella Collection with Josh Malerman, Joe Schwartz, Erik T. Johnson & J. Daniel Stone), FALL 2016
  • “Cards for His Spokes, Coins for His Fare,” Summer 2o16, Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories
  • “The Desolated Orchard,” Summer 2o16, Cutting Block Press Single Slices
  • “The Bitches of Madison County,” Summer 2016, The Beauty of Death

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